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Happy release to my fellow author releasing in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World!

Today’s new release is FREE in Kindle Unlimited:

Engage by Kate Stacy https://geni.us/Engage

More KB Worlds books are coming your way every month.

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Happy release to Shea Brighton who is releasing in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World!

Today’s new release is FREE in Kindle Unlimited:

Enflamed by Shea Brighton: https://geni.us/Enflamed

More KB Worlds books are coming your way every month.

Stay up to date on all the releases here:

✶ Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Vy4v9d

✶ Website: http://www.kbworlds.com

✶ Newsletter: https://smarturl.it/KBWNewsletter

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Secret Santa


I’ve teamed up with 30+ other authors to collaborate on a VERY special project that’s near and dear to my heart, Secret Santa: a Limited Edition Christmas Romance Collection. Our initial goal was to hit the USA Today bestselling books list with this collection, but because of the amazing response we’ve received from our followers and readers, we wanted to give something back to the community. 

After putting our heads together, we’ve decided to donate 100% of our author (net) royalties to the Ronald McDonald house. If you’re unfamiliar with the work they do, please visit their website www.rmhc.org where they say, “We believe in supporting families around the world and helping them access the medical care and resources they need.”  

As an aunt to an amazing little boy who has had lots of surgeries and been supported by RMH this was a cause I couldn’t pass up. 

If you’re able, please consider donating 99¢ to support our mission to help families around the world in accessing the medical care and resources they need, by grabbing a preorder copy of Secret Santa: a Limited Edition Christmas Romance Collection


In this limited edition Christmas romance collection love blooms underneath the mistletoe as secret admirers finally confess their love and secret santas make holiday wishes of the heart come true. Get into the Christmas spirit by diving into these stories where anything can happen through the magic of Christmas—and love. Authors in this collection are:

USA Today Bestselling Author, Mandy Melanson
USA Today Bestselling Author, Elle Ryan
Stacey Wallace
Ivy Hunt
Sofia Aves
Angela Scavone
Caitlyn Coakley
MaryAnn Clarke
Amber Ghe
Katherine Moore
Marianne Petit
Jeanine Lauren
Ainsley Jaymes
Diane Kessner
J. Shanee Byers
International Bestselling Author, Crimson Syn
Kyrii Rayne
Arietta Richmond
Dawn Luedecke
Beth Fred
Amy Stephens
Maci Dillon
Di Jones
Lisa Wood
Jennifer Bonds
Lesley Ann
Margaret Madigan
Lissa Lynn Thomas
Aubrey Wynne
Award Winning Author, Merrie Destefano
K.L. Humphreys
Chelsea McDonald
Sunny Abernathy
A.M. Daniels
International Bestselling Author, Nikki Landis
Emmanuelle Snow
Tienna Wilde
Katy Rose
Rachel A Smith
Adina D. Grey
Mia Kingsley
Irene Micheals
Zoey Drake
Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Colleen Key
Leann Castellanos
A.L. Morrow
C.N. Marie
Lizzie James
Nova Edwins
J.A. Roles

Pennine Prophecies: The Awakening

By J.A. Roles

Want vampires that aren’t still in high school?

This fast paced, action packed urban fantasy series is the perfect escape. (It even has spin-offs) 

Pennine Prophecies: The Awakening 

Meet: Michael and Roman Archer – Twin vampire brothers. 

Sapphire Stone – Michael’s human girlfriend with a supernatural calling. 

Calix – An ancient bloodthirsty vampire.

Jeremiah and Jade – sexy wolf-shifter couple

Trudy – old, wise witch Arlo – ancient warlock And so many more kick-ass characters! 


K Bromberg World


Happy release day to my fellow authors releasing in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World!

Today’s new release is FREE in Kindle Unlimited:

Coded by Rachel Radner: https://geni.us/Coded

More KB Worlds books are coming your way every month.

Stay up to date on all the releases here:✶ Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Vy4v9d✶ Website: http://www.kbworlds.com✶ Newsletter: https://smarturl.it/KBWNewsletter#KBWorlds#EverydayHeroes#NewReleases

Upstairs Bathroom Remodel part 2

Friday the plumbers left and we were left with a pan as I showed in part 1. Yesterday, Ken got the green board up. He also mudded and painted part of the bathroom. While he worked on that Vicki and I worked on processing tomatoes.

Today we spent time processing tomatoes. We sorted 100 pounds of tomatoes to process for sauce and diced. Today we got the sauce done. While we did that Ken worked on the bathroom again.

Ken got the membrane up. Now that has to dry thoroughly for 24 hours. While he was doing part of the tomatoes, Vicki took time and painted the bathroom. Now Vicki is short and she forgot to bring up her step stool from the basement. So she got what she could reach. Oh and no paint on the cat so that’s a bonus. A second coat will have to be done but the new color is beautiful.

We’re all really tired after a long day of work. Thankfully Vicki did a slow cooker meal. Chicken and dumplings which I typically don’t like but it was delicious. I loved the bread / dumpling that was on top of it.

Tomorrow – tile!!! Vicki and Ken will work on the tiles in the afternoon after the 24 hour period for the membrane stuff to dry. In the morning, we will work on canning diced tomatoes. It will be a long day of working again. However, the tiles should go up tomorrow. I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Upstairs Bathroom Remodel part 1

For months now, I’ve struggled with getting in and out of the bathtub to shower. With rheumatoid arthritis (and the other ones I have), stepping over the side of the tub has become increasingly more difficult. I already use a shower chair because standing for the length of a shower has become too difficult.

In the midst of the downstairs remodel (still have a few things to do down there), we decided it was time to make changes upstairs. Here are some before pictures:

For the most part, we are doing this remodel in two parts. Back in June we started making decisions on what we wanted in the bathroom. The first was to decide to go from a shower / tub combo to just the shower only.

I’ve never liked the tub. It was too shallow and too short. However, Ken used it so he was reluctant to get rid of it with no other full bathroom in the house. Fast forward fourteen years, we have the second full bathroom with a giant tub so going down to shower only upstairs works.

So in June we scheduled for the plumbers to come back and do the upstairs bathroom. There was a lot of discussion about whether to go with a shower surround or not. I really wanted tile. It was the one thing which I felt strongly about but we hadn’t done tile and hiring is more expensive. So initially we were going to put in a surround.

However, my middle daughter and husband figured out how to tile her bathroom wet room. This meant they were experienced at tiling and knew all the steps. We are going with tile rather than a surround!

Yesterday, we got first steps done. The plumbers took out the old tub/shower combo and put in the pan. More than that, they redid some of the plumbing so hopefully we have better drainage.

Bash Bear isn’t sure he likes the change. He spent a lot of time in there last night checking out all the changes. This morning he is less tentative. He loves being in the bathroom. He demands pets and snuggles from anyone (mostly) who goes in the bathroom.

Today, Ken has already put Killz on the spots on the 2x4s to reassure me there will be no mold. We’ve talked about where to put the niche, handicap bar, and rainfall showerhead. Surprisingly, there was no grumbling on either of our parts.

Next he’ll be putting up green board (i.e. drywall for bathrooms), adding 2x4s to framing for handicap bar and niche, membrane, and then painting some walls.

Sexy Sinivites – Captain’s Companion

Captain’s Companion – book 2

Ava M Taylor

Ulrik has met his mate!

He hires Gwyn Meinen as his companion. Now he has three months to persuade her they have more than a business contract.

Gwyn is all business.

She was hired to satisfy all the needs of Captain Ulrik Tonason. To protect her heart, she sticks to the letter of her contract.  Her contract includes organizing social activities, meals, and sex but sex with her Sinivite captain and his pheromones is more than she bargained for.

Will Ulrik convince Gwyn there’s more between them than a contract?


Join Ava in her Facebook group – Ava’s Avid Readers

Sexy Sinivites – Prospecting

Prospecting – book 1

Ava M Taylor

No more sex bots for Cade. 

As the top prospector, he negotiates a live sex companion to be part of his next contract.  Cade get his sex companion and a whole lot more. 

Sheridan considers herself a sex toy. 

She’s committed to a five your contract which means she must satisfy all Cade’s fantasies.  Sheridan’s only concern is to help her family, until Cade’s Sinivite pheromones work their way into her senses. 

Will Cade and Sheridan find more than precious materials while they’re prospecting?


Paranormal Investigator Files

Pain made her cruel. Can love help her find peace?

By Eileen Troemel

Doug Kronnig, university professor, has taken three of his relatives to the emergency room in a week.  His father, brother-in-law, and sister have all had nasty accidents which could have resulted in much worse results than they did.  Now the FBI is investigating but not the normal FBI, the paranormal unit. 

Harper Stanley and her partner Devin Jacobsen with the FBI paranormal unit know they’ll have another victim of the stalker at Halloween.  The stalker starts ten days before Halloween and tortures a family.  The man has cheated and his family pays the price until Halloween.  By Halloween, the victim dies by the will of the entity they’ve chased for seven years. 

This year they discover the targeted victim.  Doug Kronnig doesn’t quite fit the profile.  He’s not in a relationship nor has he cheated but for some reason, the stalker has targeted him.  In a short span of time, Harper finds herself drawn to this funny, quiet man. 

Can she stop the stalker or will Doug end up as another victim Harper couldn’t save?



“I should probably warn you, I’m horrible at first dates,” he said. “I tend to say what I’m thinking.”

“My last date was two years ago,” Harper confessed. “It was so bad, I’ve not been inclined to repeat it.”

“Great, we’ll have bad dates together,” Doug laughed.

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