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Rainbow Desire

Available for preorder! New anthology from Black Velvet Seductions Rainbow Desire is a celebration of life and love in its kaleidoscope of exotic rainbow colours.  The stories within the book also reflect its vibrant shades of romance from light and dark. I hope you will enjoy the wealth of narratives in this glorious LGBTQ+ anthology.  … Continue reading Rainbow Desire

Earth Cat Zero: Last Cat Meowing

Gary Starta Cat + Teen + Strange Quantum Physics incident = ? It is the limitations of our existence which make us love life and the beings we meet along the way. When teenager Miranda Ellis finds herself responsible for displacing the domestic cat population, sacrifice, love and hope may be her biggest armament against … Continue reading Earth Cat Zero: Last Cat Meowing

Michael – Risking Love Series

Michael - Olivia had spent enough time on memories of her ex-boyfriend’s abuse. She was going to put all of her efforts into her new business career. And try to convince her boss, Vice President Michael Evans, that the woman he’d been dating was nothing more than an opportunist and that she’d climb into bed … Continue reading Michael – Risking Love Series

New Everyday Heroes

✶ ✶ ✶ EVERYDAY HEROES WORLD NEW RELEASES ✶ ✶ ✶ Happy release day to my fellow authors releasing today! Today’s new releases are FREE in Kindle Unlimited: Imprisoned by Bella Emy: https://geni.us/Imprisoned Anchored by Christine DePetrillo: https://geni.us/Anchored More Driven books are coming your way every month. Stay up to date on all the releases here: ✶ … Continue reading New Everyday Heroes

More Progress on Construction

I just reread the first post I did and laughed. Back in May I hoped to be done by the end of the month. Well that didn't work. It's now almost the end of June. We've made a lot of progress. Drywall is up in all three rooms and as of today, the ceilings all … Continue reading More Progress on Construction

4 steps to publishing a book

If you've published - stop laughing... If you've not published, don't believe the headline. It's a joke. This year I've had a ton of projects and opportunities. It's been wonderful for me to stretch my writer muscles and try different things like writing in an anthology, being part of a project I'm not allowed to … Continue reading 4 steps to publishing a book

First Draft – DONE!!!!!!!

Its done!!! 59,017 words and the first draft is done!!! Now I send it off to my beta readers and see what they think. Thank goodness for my daughter who nagged and pushed me. Thank goodness for my characters who I thought were off the rails but who came through in the end! Now I … Continue reading First Draft – DONE!!!!!!!

Good Day… Good Words

There are days when you're writing that it flows with such ease you cannot get the words on the page fast enough. These are golden days meant to be maximized. The more of these you have the more likely you are to finish things - at least that's the theory. Today was one of those … Continue reading Good Day… Good Words

Inching Closer

My writing time has been infringed upon. We've hit some bumps in the renovations we're doing so much discussion has been needed and this has pushed into my writing time. By the time we're done discussing, I'm so tired, I've not been able to write much. Tonight I put my foot down and kicked people … Continue reading Inching Closer

Too Many Words

When I started this manuscript, I didn't like it. I wrote and continued to write. I worried it wasn't up to par. Now I realize it was nerves. I mostly knew it at the time but my inner critic was working overtime. I've been annoyed about the low word count and frustrated with the things … Continue reading Too Many Words