Amelia Oliver – returns!

I'm really pleased to welcome Amelia Oliver back to my blog! Her sexy books have captured my attention and have entertained me thoroughly. I've read three of her books - Never Ever, Four Ever, and Blaze. Click on the title to read my review on Goodreads. Author Bio Amelia Oliver lives at the seaside in … Continue reading Amelia Oliver – returns!

Thomas Kane

Thomas Kane is a new author to me. He writes fantasy which is one of my favorite genres. Author bio I grew up in the woods of Maine. While in college, I began writing supplements for role-playing games, and I spent the early 1990s doing that full-time. Selected publications include GURPS Egypt, GURPS Espionage, GURPS … Continue reading Thomas Kane

Pebbles Lacasse

Pebbles and I met through social media. We both write in roughly the same genres so this is going to get steamy. Better put the kiddies to bed and pour a glass of your favorite beverage. Author Bio Pebbles Lacasse writes sizzling erotic romance novels with a bdsm subgenre. She lives in southern Ontario, Canada … Continue reading Pebbles Lacasse

Teresa Keefer

Teresa Keefer and I met at an event in Indiana. It was a quick meeting but she still agreed to do an interview! Author Bio Amazon Erotic Horror bestselling author Teresa Keefer writes both contemporary and paranormal romance. When she isn't writing or working at her day job in the human resource field, she enjoys … Continue reading Teresa Keefer

Sammantha Anderson

Sammantha Anderson and I connected on social media. She writes paranormal suspense romance. Author Bio Sammantha Anderson is the writer of The Hellborn Series.  Most of her days, she spends working with Savannah to create the hellborn world.  When she is not busy talking to her characters, you can find Sammantha with her husband and … Continue reading Sammantha Anderson

S. A. Santos

S. A. Santos and I met through social media. I'm impressed as she speaks many languages. Author Bio S. A. Santos is an Indie Author of romance and paranormal romance novels and short stories. She is the author of romance novels: “Redemption” and “Sacrifice" and is currently writing the paranormal romance trilogy: “Through another dimension”, which … Continue reading S. A. Santos

Agnes Varona Oquendo

Agnes and I met through social media. She's a cancer survivor and long distance runner as well as being an author. Author Bio Agnes Varona Oquendo, RN, Author is a native New Yorker who has worked many years as a nurse in a clinical setting and then as an educator. She describes her most vital … Continue reading Agnes Varona Oquendo

Sammy Davies

Sammy Davies and I met through social media. She's from Melbourne Victoria! Author Bio Sammy Davies was born in 1976 in Melbourne Victoria, to a beautiful couple Dot and John. Raised in Melbourne with her younger sister Karen and her two younger brothers Joel and Jack, she has lived over most of Victoria. Sammy has … Continue reading Sammy Davies

Claire Buss

Claire Buss and I met through social media. She interviewed me for her blog and I'm returning the favor. Her books look interesting and are on my to read list. Author Bio Claire Buss is a multi-genre author and poet based in the UK. She wanted to be Lois Lane when she grew up but work … Continue reading Claire Buss

Cass Ford

Cass Ford and I met through social media. She writes sexy, steamy stories. You might want to distract the kiddos before you read this one! Author Bio Smut writer Cass Ford began creating smoldering male protagonists when she was five years old and convinced her aunt that she had a hot and heavy kindergarten boyfriend. In grade … Continue reading Cass Ford