Jessica Lynne

Jessica Lynn and I connected through social media. Author Bio I have a strong belief that when something of value is broken- a person, a keepsake, or a relationship- you don’t throw it away, you fix it! Whether the thing in need of repair is a character trait, an attitude, an heirloom, or a marriage- … Continue reading Jessica Lynne

Nyxie Mars

Nyxie Mars and I met through social media. We're on a lot of the same groups. Author Bio Nyxie Marrs is a newly published author. Dabbling in the mystery and suspense genre, but doesn't limit herself to just that. Reading books of all genres can spark an inspiration. (Writing them is a different story.) With … Continue reading Nyxie Mars

Ariel Paiement

Ariel Paiement and I met through social media. We both share a love of fantasy. Author Bio Ariel Paiement is a fantasy author who writes the occasional historical fiction or science fiction novel. She enjoys all ranges of books and writing when it comes to reading, though fantasy and science fiction are her favorites. She … Continue reading Ariel Paiement

Ken Stark

Ken Stark and I bumped into each other on social media. He writes in horror which is way outside my purview. Author Bio    Ken Stark doesn't only write horror, but he mostly does. Why? Because when it comes to shining a light on the best and worst of mankind's nature, nothing works better than … Continue reading Ken Stark

Noelle Rahn-Johnson

Noelle and I started talking on social media and we have a lot in common including a nearly similar book title! She's from the Midwest and so am I! Author Bio Noelle currently lives in Northern Minnesota with her husband, their four children, two dogs, two rats, a handful of goldfish, and a very spoiled … Continue reading Noelle Rahn-Johnson

Dorothy Michaels

I've met a number of lovely authors on social media of late. Here's a conversation with one! Author Bio Dorothy Michaels has lived many different lives. A wife since she was 18 years old, she became a proud mother of two. From there she evolved to become a life guard for the Girl Scout troop … Continue reading Dorothy Michaels

Daniel Peyton

Daniel and I met through social media. Author Bio Daniel enjoys writers' conventions as well as genre conventions. Connecting with avid readers is a joy that he never passes up. He has been invited multiple times to speak at local schools about writing and his work. He has been a featured author for several radio … Continue reading Daniel Peyton

Vi Carter

Vi Carter and I connected through social media. Author Bio When Vi Carter isn't writing contemporary romance books, you can find her reading her favorite authors, baking, taking photos, or watching Netflix. Married with one child, Vi divides her time between motherhood and all the other hats she wears as an Author. Vi's main goal … Continue reading Vi Carter

Shawn Gale

Shawn and I met through social media. Through this interview I discovered he studied in my home state - yeah Wisconsin! Author Bio: Shawn Douglas Gale is a Canadian screenwriter, an academic, and a critically-acclaimed author. Gale graduated from Fraser Valley Writers' School with a Master's diploma. He then graduated from Humber College's prestigious School for … Continue reading Shawn Gale

Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi

Emanuel Andrei and I met through social media. Author Bio Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi lives in the European Union, Romania. He has a regular job working as an IT engineer. He writes books in his spare time. His goal is to become a professional writer. His dream is to see at least one of his books … Continue reading Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi