Eighteen Chapters

Last night sucked. I was all geared up to write and my energy just bottomed out. Tonight, tonight has been sooo good. I wrote over 5400 words and finished Sacrificed to the Sea Monster!

Oh the ending is good – I like it a lot. It’s not a cliffhanger but it lets the reader know there’s more coming. I’m really pleased to be done with this one.

The story dropped onto the page like it was meant to. I like my characters and I like the plot. It’s a rough draft and I need to edit the heck out of this thing but I like this one.

It’s done and I’ve sent the rough draft off to my beta readers. I hope they like it. Oh, I’m happy with this one.

I’ve got takeovers to do for the next two days and I’ve got a short story to edit by the 2nd of September. I also have client work. So not a lot of writing for me in the next week. I say that and I’m laughing at myself because I know I’ll go looking for something. I have a couple more Ava books started which need to be finished. The question is – which characters will talk to me the loudest.

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