Last night I edited the short story for the anthology and got that off my plate. I don’t have to think about that now – well except for promoting the anthology.

Over the weekend the family did a bunch of freezing and canning. Vicki also baked a few things. We canned beets and carrots. We froze watermelon, pineapple, and nectarines.

Tonight I have to read my daughter’s master’s paper and then work on my client’s editing. I’ll enjoy both in different ways.

As for writing, now comes the task of picking my next project. What will it be? I’d like to work on an Ava M book. I’ve looked at some of them I have started and there are two which stand out to me. Avian Allure and the third Sexy Sinivites. Either of them are interesting enough. The question is which will call to me. Which characters will tell me their story?

Now I’ve narrowed it to those two but the reality is, when I go to write, if the story flows. I could read through what I already have written and come to the end and have nothing. The characters are just like – nope, not today.

This week will probably be spent editing and promoting books. I’ll see if I stick to the editing all week. I’m in the mood to write so writing will probably occur.

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