A Fresh Pair of Eyes

Barbara Ardinger is an editor I've used and trust. When I edit, she's my go to person for questions because of her background and her extensive knowledge. I asked her to share some of her knowledge in a post. Here is one snippet of what she does. Trying to finish your book or magazine article? … Continue reading A Fresh Pair of Eyes

Meanwhile, back in my cave

Tuesday I was unproductive but last night I got a third of a manuscript edited.  I made a point of breaking the papers up so I would have a definitive stopping point.  This helped me get to bed at a reasonable time.  I've been away from the characters and story of the Wayfarers.  I thought … Continue reading Meanwhile, back in my cave


I think I’ve earned a doctorate in this.  Yesterday I worked on organizing, cleaning, and clearing out some of my office.  It was completely a procrastination attempt for doing my paper.  It always takes me a bit to settle into homework but this weekend I was off the charts with procrastinating.  The good thing about … Continue reading Procrastination