Writing Vacation Day 4

Today has been a day of interruptions, family time, and annoyances. It seemed like from waking up, I wasn’t able to write because I had things like pay bills, answer calls, and so on. It’s been busy with promoting an anthology – fingers crossed it makes the USA Today best sellers list. Trying to write.

My writing today was sporadic. There are times when I open my computer and the words flow so easily it’s like water out of a faucet. Then there are days like today. Every time I got going, I either got interrupted or distracted.

So in spits and spurts today, I worked on my dark romance… not sure it’s dark anymore. Tonight, I finished the first draft. It was supposed to be 10-12K. It was supposed to be dark. I’m laughing hysterically because my muse never follows the rules. Not ever. She’s a naughty tease. Dark, I don’t consider the story dark, though it is more dark than I normally write. Word count…. so before I started these days, I wasn’t sure I would even finish this story. But the characters grabbed me and made me. But instead of a nice and easy short story of 10K, I’ve got a nearly 29K novella. I wrote 5400 words (roughly) today.

I like it. I think. Whenever I finish a project, I either love or hate it. This one is outside my normal so I’m not sure how I feel about it. It will go off to the beta readers so they can tell me yeah or nay. I may reread it once first.

Tomorrow is a busy day and I think my people will be out of my house. I might have to put my phone on do not disturb and see if I can start the next short story I want to finish. I’ll have to see if these characters are out of my head and if the start I have on it inspires me to write more. It’s very different from the one I just finished.

Writing Vacation Day 3

This morning I was woken up earlier than I wanted to be awake. I’m not a happy morning person. It’s the worst part of the day. However, I couldn’t go back to sleep. I got up and started promoting, answering messages, and so on.

For a time I tried to go back to sleep but that was a no go. I started writing again. I’m sort of laughing at myself because this short story has moved from short story to novella. I’m at 25K total and still not done. I started writing with a concept and as an attempt to write a dark romance. I don’t know how successful I’ve been at dark romance but the story has taken on a life of its own.

I’m on what I think will be the last chapter – not swearing to it. But for the last thirty minutes have been fumbling. I know what comes next but my brain is saying – nope. Probably because I’ve been writing most of the day.

This story was supposed to be 15K. I’m so far beyond that, I’ll end up self-publishing this. I know the steps I have yet to go through and think it will be one chapter. But I never know until I’m done. For all I know this may stretch into an actual novel. Today I wrote 9600 words. A really really good day. I’m not sure how many words this is total but I’m pleased with my progress during this vacation.

Tomorrow I have one takeover. Aside from that, I’m hoping to get this one done and move to the next. I’ll be interested to hear what my people think of my story.

Writing Vacation Day 2

At 3:30 am I gave up on finishing my story. I thought – finish this escaping scene and then one more and I’ll be done. Easy breezy. Right? Nope. Can’t be that simple. I finished the scene and wrote more.

I was woken up at 8:30. A dangerous thing to do when I planned to sleep much longer than that. But I got up slowly. My goal today – finish the story. I worked with MANY interruptions. Some were fun, like when Bash jumped on my footstool of my recliner and stared at me until I set aside my computer. Then we cuddled. He got pets and pets. I got snuggles. Some were annoying, like the discussion on how much we should spend on a sink. Do we buy cheap and not what we want or do we spend more to get what we want?

I talked to my niece, my sister, my daughter today. I remembered a day job task which I meant to do before I went on vacation and time ran out before I could figure it out. I worked on budget – never fun. I working on promoting two books – one out on the 10th and the other out on the 25th. I handled messages from a range of people.

Then people went to bed. Classical music played and I wrote. I got 6800 words written today. I’m a bit disappointed by it. I also am cursing the muse who is messing with me. I had a plan. I got to that point and the characters said – what? That’s how you think we end? Nope. Come along we’re taking you on a ride.

Now I’m at 15,480 for words. I was only supposed to have 12K. Ooopppss. The main five characters – Zulma and her reverse harem Drake, Claud, Parker, and Stuart were supposed to ultimately ride off into the proverbial sunset and all would be well. They refused. Bastards. Instead they said – well what about the others? What about the rest of the cannon fodder imprisoned on the planet? Why can’t we save them? My brain said – nope too complicated. I’m too close to my word count. I just need to finish…

Yeah and then the characters said. Word count? Meh! We don’t care. Here’s what we’re doing… Not surprising, I like what the bastards want to do and think it fills the plot out nicely with a lovely little surprise at the end which I hope no one sees coming. I’d tell you but then the characters would kill me.

For now, still not done. I’m hoping for quiet tomorrow morning and better quality writing time. I hope to finish by noon but I’ll see how the day goes. It’s a little after 2 am so earlier than last night. I’m off to bed with the hope of kitten snuggles as Bash Bear has graced me with his presence. I’m also hoping for sixish hours of sleep… not holding my breath.

Writing Vacation Day 1

I’ve got the next three days off from my day job. With my release schedule, I’ve got a ton to get done but for the next three days, I promised myself some good writing. So I have two short stories started. I struggled on the first one and haven’t had time for the second. Today at the end of my day job, I took a nap. I know lazy but I just wanted a nap.

After my people went to bed and I did a takeover, I started to write. At first it felt super forced. Like I don’t really know what the characters wanted. And then suddenly, well they took over. I don’t know what time I started writing and it was interspersed with other things. I had two takeovers today which means I’m watching posts and comments.

With my people in bed, I got down to writing. Now it’s nearly 3 am and I’ve gotten 5426 words written! The short story I’m working on needs one plus a little more in the current scene. I was trying to finish it off but I’m struggling to keep my eyes open.

I think this one will get a finish tomorrow. Then I’ll start on the other one which I hope will have a better flow. If I manage to get both of these short stories written, I have about two dozen (or more) starts to books. My hope is to make headway on at least one of them.

Aside from writing, I have a long long list of writing tasks like promoting, editing, and uploading new files for some books. I’m not going crazy on this – I always expect too much of myself and then I’m disappointed with how much I get done.

This week, I’m hoping for better results, writing and then whatever of the rest I can get done.

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First Draft – DONE!!!!!!!

Its done!!! 59,017 words and the first draft is done!!! Now I send it off to my beta readers and see what they think.

Thank goodness for my daughter who nagged and pushed me. Thank goodness for my characters who I thought were off the rails but who came through in the end!

Now I send it off to the beta readers and I don’t touch it for at least three days (longer if I can stay away) and I work on something else. I’ve got two good hours of writing tonight.

Once I’ve let it sit for three days, I’ll read through it, do a spell check, and then start the editing process. Hopefully my beta readers get back to me ASAP so I can make any adjustments they spot. Then I do another edit, spell check, and adjust. I’m pretty sure I have question marks for names in one place. I should fix that. And that’s done while I think about it. Minor characters sometimes get that if I’m in the flow when I’m writing. I go back and figure out a name. When I wrote later, I came up with one name so the other was easy enough to fill in.

YEAH! This comes off my to do list. All my client work is caught up so more writing for me tonight.

Good Day… Good Words

There are days when you’re writing that it flows with such ease you cannot get the words on the page fast enough. These are golden days meant to be maximized. The more of these you have the more likely you are to finish things – at least that’s the theory.

Today was one of those days. One scene flowed into the next and the next. The first sex scene I wrote – needs work – it’s too fast. It’s a little awkward but I’m okay with that part. First time sex with a new partner is often a little awkward. But the timing isn’t quite right. I’ll fix it in editing I think. Unless I mull it over and go back to it.

Today I got more alone time to write. I wrote two plus chapters which is fantastic. It’s coming together better but I still don’t have my climax (in my sex scene I do) and I’m not sure if the plot is going the way I expected it too. I’m laughing at that. I know better than to plan things – the characters are totally in control and these are determined.

As I usually do, I reread part of the manuscript I’d previously written. This gives me perspective and gets me back into the world. I made some adjustments and found some errors which I fixed.

My progress has put me in a good place. I’ve written nearly 9900 words and total count I’m at 45K. This means I’m easily going to hit the mark. I just have to see where the characters take me.

Inching Closer

My writing time has been infringed upon. We’ve hit some bumps in the renovations we’re doing so much discussion has been needed and this has pushed into my writing time. By the time we’re done discussing, I’m so tired, I’ve not been able to write much.

Tonight I put my foot down and kicked people out. In a little over two hours of writing, I’ve made progress. The first love scene is coming up and then from there, I’ll start adding a hint of danger and throw in a few conflicts and bumps (and probably another love scene).

I’m edging towards the finish line. The funny thing – the scenes I thought were absolutely going to make it in are probably not going to. This is why I don’t plot out my books – the characters take me on their journey.

Tonight that journey included about 2500 words pushing me up over 35K. I’m to the back half of the book. Hopefully by the weekend, I am done with the rough draft. Fingers crossed…. I won’t know until the characters tell me their story…

Too Many Words

When I started this manuscript, I didn’t like it. I wrote and continued to write. I worried it wasn’t up to par. Now I realize it was nerves. I mostly knew it at the time but my inner critic was working overtime.

I’ve been annoyed about the low word count and frustrated with the things blocking my ability to write – day job, editing, life, reno… there are more. I’ve been up late every single night trying to write and get things off my to do list.

Yesterday I was up until 2 am working on client work. I slept until 9 this morning and was mad because I wanted to be up early in order to get some writing in while people were out of my house. When I finally woke up, I hadn’t written a thing before they returned.

We had breakfast. We talked more about the reno. I kicked them out. I wrote. I wrote and wrote and wrote. A scene I thought was going to be small and inconsequential turned into one that wasn’t and then into something more.

A conversation with my daughter led me to another scene. I had to write a bar scene. I’ve been in bars but I’m not a regular barfly. Ten people, pushing tables together. Drinking, talking, dancing… oh I need a song. Now if you know me, you’re laughing right now because you KNOW I do not know music. I like it and listen to it often but to remember artists and song names and such. Nope. I knew what kind of song I wanted but could I think of one in that category? Nope. Google here I come. I search and I’m not finding what I want.

In walks one of my daughters and she’s on the phone with another daughter – oh good. These two do remember names and songs… At Last by Etta James was suggested. Great song but a little too old. I listened to a lot of people – don’t ask me names! Oh wait – Amazed by Lonestar was one of them Shania Twain was considered. Faith Hill and more. Lots more. I needed a slow song. You know the kind where when you dance you just lean in and sway to it. But at the same time, it needed to be meaningful to both of them. So the winner – Let’s Make Love by Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill.

This scene was supposed to lead to their first love scene. Well they had a different idea. Or I should say another character barged in, caused chaos and changed the scenario. I think it’s way better.

I’ve added a chapter and half, 10,191 words. My main male character has taken a step he didn’t think he ever would. I’m enjoying the back and forth of the romance. I like the easiness between them. The trust they both want and need. It’s building nicely. My total words – 32,923. I need about 17K to make the 50K minimum I have.

I’m pretty sure I’m going over that number but I at least feel like I have a handle on this book now. The heat is ramping up but I think the sex will be sensual and drawn out to enhance pleasure for both of them. I want to step away from the expected. I actually have two scenes in mind.

I have ideas bouncing around in my head and I can’t wait to write more. But it’s getting late. While I have tomorrow off, I still have to be up early. I hope tomorrow afternoon I’ll be able to write more. I know what the next scene will be, maybe the next two or three scenes.

I’ve found the words. Now I need time to write them all down. I love writing!

Not enough words…

So I set a goal of 5000 a night. So I could finish this book in a week. I’ve done that before so I know I can do it. The question is will I have time to do it.

So far – nope. Since the first, I’ve written 3903 words, bringing my total to just under 22K. Normally when I’m writing, I’m thinking about the story in odd moments. If I do this next, then… or what option do I have in this situation. My brain is all about the what ifs. With this one, I’m not thinking about it.

My day job has been particularly busy and I’ve been working on a ton of different things. This means I don’t have a lot of time for running scenarios. I’m busy from start of day to end of day. After work, I’m dealing with family stuff… mostly right now it’s all about the renovation going on. But there are other things, like paying the bills and making doctor’s appointments and checking with the family on certain things.

Then it’s supper and a bit of family time and then writing. Normally, they scatter after about 8 pm which leaves me a good 3 to 4 hours to write. Not this week. Reno discussions are ongoing. I’m not getting to write until 10 or 11 pm.

Now without thinking about the story during the day, I would normally not know what to write. This hasn’t been the case. I open my file and think – this isn’t going to go well. But it does. In a little over an hour, I wrote 2461 words. The scene which I’ve been writing in bits, just came together.

I just need a lot more hours like that. A lot!!! I’ve got my main couple meeting. He’s pursuing her and she’s enjoying being pursued. They had a minor… not tiff but misunderstanding maybe… and she clarified a boundary for herself. No big fight, no drama – at least at this point. They’ve done a few things together… had breakfast after her overnight shift… babysat his nieces and nephews… and now she’s picked out two cats. I’ve thrown in some scenes from her work and some of his. Oh and something that is going to lead to an actual disagreement.

The thing is – I normally know which direction my stories are going but with this one… I still have two scenes in my head but other than those two, I’m clueless. Well at least until I pull up the file and start typing. Apparently my characters are being closed mouthed about the story until I’m actually working on the story. Annoying and yet, I’m enjoying the process.

Next up…. huh, normally I’d give some ideas but I have no ideas. I guess I’ll see when I get to the computer next. At least I’m having forward movement, not quite as much as I would like but forward movement.