Family Weekend

Friday Ken and I escaped from Wisconsin to go visit our middle daughter in Indiana.  Chicago traffic was slow (as expected) but we got there in fairly good time.  Saturday morning, I got a text message from my Georgia daughters saying they were 30 minutes out.  We knew they were coming but Vicki did not. … Continue reading Family Weekend

Prepping for Vacation

Four days of work left before my vacation.  I can't wait.  It will be good to have a break and just be at home.  I don't have to shower or dress if I don't want to - though the other people at home might object if I go too long without showering. My plan - … Continue reading Prepping for Vacation

New Grandbaby

My middle daughter adopted a new kitten on Thursday!  She is an adorable six month old kitten.  Sasha, her older sister now, is not happy with the new addition to the family.Vicki is dealing with a lot of changes.  She has a new energetic kitten who is into everything and has few manners.  She has … Continue reading New Grandbaby

Back on Track

While I was driving to Indiana yesterday, my daughter called to say her power came back on.  I was only about a third of the way there so I turned around and came home.  We took the generator back and got her money back. I'm happy she got her power restored and I was able … Continue reading Back on Track


We had a wonderful vacation visiting our daughters.  It was great to have the family together in one space and just be together.  You can't replace those odd moments when you get a giggle for one of "dad's" jokes or that late night conversation because the house is quiet or that moment when dad walks … Continue reading Vacation

Joyful Occassions

The girls were  home over the weekend.  It was the first time in a while our whole famly was together.  It was a jam packed weekend featuring chaos and madness but we had a good time.  The wedding reception was wonderful.  It was good to talk to family and spend time together.  I didn't like … Continue reading Joyful Occassions


My daughter is coming home tonight.  She called this morning to tell me how many hours it would be before we saw each other.  I love the day we go from it being days (weeks, months) when I'll see her (or any of my daughters) to hours.  The excitement is palpable.  Of course it's December … Continue reading Hours…

Forced to Craft Shop

Friday, Ken and I drove to Indiana to visit Vicki.  We got there late but I still stayed up until late talking with Vicki.  This is normal for a visit with one of my kids. Saturday, we ran errands with Vicki and she forced me to go to JoAnn Fabrics.  We wandered for a while. … Continue reading Forced to Craft Shop

Balancing My Life

Stephanie flew in last week for her college class reunion.  She is spending a couple days with Ken and I before she flies back home.  This means that I've probably driven nearly a thousand miles in the last week with picking her up from the airport, taking her to her reunion, and picking her up … Continue reading Balancing My Life