Jungle Beauty Goddesses Series

Jungle Beauty Goddesses Series: Pretty Blue, Aquatic Ball, Dirty Ball

by C. G. Sturges


GENRE: Fantasy, Erotica



Jungle Beauty Goddesses “Pretty Blue” Book 1

If you were given planet Earth as a gift to develop its life forms—would the world be a better place than it is today? What would your primary expectation and goal be for each human? Would you give them free will or plan their destiny? Would you demand that your humans worship you as their creator? Would you be available to assuage their every desire; and acquiesce to their demands, prayers, and wishes? Would you grow to resent them for living the life you imagined?

The Jungle Beauty Goddesses were free-spirited goddesses who enjoyed their freedom as the youngest children—and the last deities born to their parents—creators of the universe. Per the family tradition of being awarded a planet, the septuplets were given planet Earth as a gift for their birthday. Their siblings, also gods and goddesses of the universe since the beginning of time, warn them about the challenges of selflessness, power, worship, and divine duty.

The seven sisters struggle to maintain their own freedom as limitless beings, while sibling rivalry makes it difficult to accept their collective duty to fulfill the family obligation to the deity-hood as creators for planets.

The entire universe threatens to collapse due to their negligence and disobedience. They question the boundaries of their divine powers as they ponder whether it is possible to mold a being to be superior to its creator.

Jungle Beauty Goddesses “Aquatic Ball” Book 2

Sometimes your worst nightmare is having everything you ever wanted. Upon visiting planet Earth, the Jungle Beauty Goddesses discover that the life forms they created are in danger of extinction, and an unforeseen dominant species has positioned itself to take dominion.

Unprepared and disillusioned about how to access their highest vibrational frequency; the Jungle Beauty Goddesses face their own demise.

The only way they can save themselves, their planet, and ultimately the universe is by managing to align with their deity powers and the wisdom of their highest selves in the face of their worst fears, disappointments, and betrayals.

Jungle Beauty Goddesses “Dirty Ball” Book 3

If you had the power to make anyone in the world fall in love with you—would you? Jungle Beauty Goddess Afar revokes her deity vows and takes her destiny into her own hands by participating in the life she was born to create for others.

Afar embraces the deepest, darkest nuances of her shadow self with brutality, dignity, and integrity. She brazenly unleashes the murkiest qualities of the human condition and leaves the chaos for her unsuspecting sisters to clean up or suffer the consequences of losing the planet given to them by their parents–creators of the universe.

Jungle Beauty Goddess Afar’s actions give a new meaning to the saying, “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.”


As Mada and Afar entered the next tree cave of knowledge, they heard a soft voice singing that was so beautiful—that tears swelled in both of their eyes. They activated the tree’s knowledge, and the sweet voice stopped singing and began to speak, “You must control the creative talents of the masses because creativity is the purest and most sincere expression of truth, personal power, and inner beauty that radiates from the human soul. Music, art, singing, dancing, poetry, paintings, and the like can be your greatest enemies to social control because it awakens and stirs the human soul to take action and make radical changes. You will never be able to control their artistic expression because it comes from their eternal soul. Artistic expression can reverberate and inspire an emotional, psychological, and social revolution among the masses that could render you powerless.

You must keep the masses busy with mundane tasks, daily struggles, and unreachable goals that lead to an afterlife of judgement and damnation. Distracting their minds will disconnect them from their true gifts, talents, and purpose. Monopolize their time and resources to ensure that they disengage from the mystical power of their inner divine source. You must control artistic expressions by only allowing art that supports your ideology, authority, and maintains the status quo as you see fit. If you fail to do this, be aware that the power of one book, one song, or one poem could unravel your power and control and lead to your demise. You may now proceed to the last tree of knowledge.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Cassandra George Sturges is the author of “A Woman’s Soul on Paper,” “Success & Beauty is an Attitude,” “The Illusion of Beauty: Why Women Hate Themselves & Envy Other Women,” and “Why Racism is a Mental Illness.” For many years, she was an advice columnist for Today’s Black Woman Magazine and is currently a full-time psychology and sociology professor at a college in the mid-west. She is a high school dropout who graduated with her General Education Diploma and eventually earned five college degrees including two masters and a doctorate degree. In her late forties, she began making life-size fabric sculpture, cloth dolls that turned out to be the main characters in her Jungle Beauty Goddesses coming of age, modern creation Nubian Mythology fantasy fiction, sensuous, romantic series. She is the mother of two adult children, a grandmother, and for over 20-years has shared her life with her twin flame.

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AJ Kurtz

AJ Kurtz and I met through social media. She’s an eclectic author and writes in a variety of genres.

Author Bio:

Best-selling author AJ Kurtz resides in PA with her two children. She has two cats, loves traveling; spending time with her family; friends, and supportive fiancé. She enjoys reading books by Stephen King, Anne Rice, Tolkien, and many more. Music is her muse to write; anywhere from classical music to rock. 

AJ’s been writing most of her life, and has taken it more seriously since 2009, with no plans on slowing down. She’s the author of five published works, and is currently working on a short story along with her upcoming Odyssey Trilogy.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a best-selling author, who’s been writing over ten years now. My best sellers include “Andromeda: The Crown of Fire” and “Atlantic Island Universe Anthology.” 

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I have always had a love for writing, even as a child. It wasn’t until around 2008-2009 when I wanted to start taking my writing more seriously and become an author.

What genres do you like to read? Are these the same genres you write in?

I’m very eclectic when it comes to reading books. Anywhere between historical to science fiction. I’m currently reading a post-apocalyptic science fiction book. I’ve written from paranormal romance to sci-fi and fantasy fiction, so yes, I tend to write in some of the same genres.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

My books range from young adult to adult. 

What is your current release or project?

I helped co-author an anthology with Fredric Shernoff, Dawn Dagger, Lala Leo, and Rennie St. James called, “Atlantic Island Universe.” Each of us wrote a short story for it. Mine is, “Odyssey: The Fated Ones.”

We’ve all signed a contract to work on trilogies of our own that are spinoffs from Fredric’s Atlantic Island Trilogy. In other words, expanding his world into a multiverse which has been a lot of fun.

Tell us about the key characters.

Agent Jaymes Ryker, has come from      the future, 2082, to the year, 2075, on a   mission to find help for his timeline         that’s on the brink of a civil war. He must show Kensie Rockwell that she’s much more than a middle school teacher, and Kensie’s faced with a difficult choice. Her past with her ex- girlfriend, Morgan Kelly, will complicate every move Kensie and Jaymes try to make. 

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

My part of the story is about a woman recovering from a breakup with her ex- girlfriend as she begins to time travel in her dreams. She attracts the attention of the MMEA, and learns there might be more to the breakup than she realized. 

Share an excerpt

Do you have a favorite scene? 

I have a few, but I won’t give anything away.

What advice would you give a beginner?

Every writer is different and does things that may only work for them. Find out what works for you, what POV you like to write in, what genre you enjoy writing about etc. Write as often as possible. If you ever need help, there’s an enormous writing community out there to ask questions and find answers from. When you hit the point where you want to quit, don’t. Instead, take a break from writing and come back to it refreshed. It can be a lonely process, make sure you have support or someone you can talk to.

Social media:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/kurtz_aj

FB author page: 










  Andromeda: The Crown of Fire Kindle link:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TNNQG31/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_lpwuEb6VXCYBA

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Andromeda: The Crown of Fire paperback:

Atlantic Island Universe Anthology Kindle link:

A Compendium of Characters

A Compendium of Characters
by Mason Bushell
Genre: Short Stories, Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery, Adventure
The world of imagination is a magical place filled with fantastical stories. Inside A Compendium of Characters you’ll be drawn into myth, legend, and mystery on every page, and across various genres. You’ll meet aliens, vampires, angels, and maybe a ghost or two; discover stranded people, farmers with shotguns and people to save. There’ll be romantic liaisons, fairytale frolics, and mysteries to solve!
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Mason is a naturalist in every way and spends much of his time in the nature reserves by his home. His faithful dog Lucy is never too far away, especially when he is experimenting with the culinary arts. Mason loves a good mystery and dreams of opening a restaurant like the Workhouse soon.
$10 Amazon
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A Limited Edition Anthology
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal
Love mermaids and all creatures aquatic? This limited time anthology is just for you! With more than 700 pages of captivating fiction, you’ll be enchanted by sirens, dive the depths with a mermaid, and fear whether the sea witch is friend or foe.
With stories from:
Catherine Banks
Kai Ellory Viola
Mia Ellas
Anthea Sharp
Kristi Lea
LA Fox
Nicole Zoltack
Mara Amberly
Raine English
Margo Bond Collins
Sara Elizabeth
Mikayla Symonett
Tricia Schneider
Merrie Destefano
Bokerah Brumley
Rachel A. Marks
and Pauline Creeden
Are you ready to dive in before your chance is lost forever? Then order this limited-edition collection of exclusive material from USA Today and award-winning authors
Including the following stories and more! Queen of the Island by Bokerah Brumley Fated to be together, Calder and his mate must overcome the evil nymph that would keep them apart. Seize the Storm by Kristi Lea An Isyre hides from the hunters who killed her family, as far from any ocean as she can be. The fire mage who discovers her secrets has a few of his own. Can they trust each other to face their pasts Touched by a Mermaid by Raine English A secret society. A sea witch bent on revenge. An ancient world in peril. Paranormal Maritime War by Nicole Zoltack A stolen selkie skin just might start a war between the merfolk, the selkies, and the sirens. Racing the Clock by Catherine Banks You will seduce the prince and convince him to give you his soul. If you fail, you will give me your soul for eternity.” The Church of Moon and Sea by Sara Elizabeth She must choose between two loves – the sea or the land. Fury by Merrie Destefano To survive, she made a secret deal in the Underworld. Soul’s Reef – Kai Ellory Viola A mysterious phenomenon. A weird cult. Vaccines needed at the end of the universe – Captain Holloway just needs to get through the reefs. The Sea of Time and Stars by Mara Amberly “A woman watched from just above the water line, her sleek blue hair drifting in the water around her. One moment she was there and the next she was gone; so quickly I could’ve put it down to my imagination or a hallucination from my injuries.”
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by Luna Black
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Mason and Lilly came from two different worlds, and their union resulted in their deaths… but not before they brought their baby girl into the world. Now, their daughter, Jocelynn, must learn to survive in a world that sees her as an abomination. Will she ever find her place in the world, or is she destined to remain an outcast?
“I started writing when I was in elementary school. I struggled for the most part due to my dyslexia, and people often told me that I would never be a good writer. They told me to give up, but I refused. I gave it everything I had. At one point, I won a young author’s award, and I continued writing as I got older. I recently had three short stories published and a fourth accepted for an anthology scheduled for release on March 1st. My biggest goal with my writing is that others might resonate with my characters and that my stories might empower them in some way and give them the courage to keep going, even when life gets them down. While not all stories have happy endings or see the characters take a positive path, they do typically follow the theme of acceptance — acceptance of who you are as a person and who you want to be — and the moment where one decides to stand up for themselves.”
ebook and amazon gift card (25)
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Adventures of Death, Reincarnation and Annihilation

Adventures of Death, Reincarnation and Annihilation
by Francis H. Powell
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Scifi Short Stories
What if the human race was considered irrelevant and then each being was just uploaded then locked away on hard drives called “brain pods” ?
What if a sub species was to come into fruition, then the human race turned on it, hunted it down before trying to annihilate it? Imagine you found out you were an ancient soul, who is reunited with another being from your former life?
Set in different times in a variety of settings and time periods, the past, the present and the future, the book explores the inevitable unknown that lies before us all “death”. Death can arrive in a multitude of forms. Each part of the book explores different themes. There are characters who following their demises have to face up to their lurid pasts. There are some who face annihilation and others who are in a crazy pursuit of world destruction. We are living in an age in which it appears that the doomsday clock is ticking ever faster, as we teeter over the edge of world destruction. The book aims to contain some ironic twists. Even as young children we build up nightmare visions of what death involves. The reader is often left to distinguish between what is real and what is not, as stories reside within stories and the storytellers can never be fully trusted. Not all the book is doom and gloom, there are Elsa Grun’s bizarre encounters with men and Shellys’ hapless husband Arnie.
From secluded beach houses, to obscure motels, to visions of heaven, which takes the form of the Hotel Paradiso, to the world of the future death is always a wild adventure.
Born in 1961, in Reading, England Francis H Powell attended Art Schools, receiving a degree in painting and an MA in printmaking. In 1995, Powell moved to Austria, teaching English as a foreign language while pursuing his varied artistic interests adding music and writing. He currently lives in Brittany, France writing both prose and poetry. Powell has published short stories in the magazine, “Rat Mort” and other works on the internet site “Multi-dimensions.” His two published books are Flight of Destiny and Adventures of Death, Reincarnation and Annihilation
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Once in a Black Moon

Paranormal/Fantasy Time-Travel Romance
Date Published: March 3, 2020
Publisher: Ink & Magick

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Chicago journalist Erin Nichols isn’t about to give up when she’s fired for writing an exposé. But when a combination of murder, magic, and celestial events transports her through time and space to 1900 western Canada, city hall corruption becomes the least of her worries.

But the past isn’t any safer. Awaking to learn she may be the victim of some unknown crime, Erin takes shelter with the local Mountie—the picture of upright Canadian fortitude. As tragedy stalks the nearby First Nation reserve, Erin learns from a Romanian mystic that magic is dying, and the fae are turning to their darker natures to survive.

While the reserved and sexy Mountie helps her navigate a time in which she doesn’t belong, the mysterious and seductive conjurer helps her try to find a way home. As they alight feelings and desires Erin never knew she was capable of, she begins to wonder where she truly belongs.

About the Author

D. writes stories she wants to read. Her love of the worlds of fiction led her to earn a Bachelor’s in English from Wright State University.
When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, crafting, watching anime, Korean television, Bollywood, or old movies. She may also be getting her geek on while planning her next steampunk cosplay with friends.

She lives in Wisconsin with her husband (John) and cats (Yin and Nox).

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Dagana The Last Mermaid

Dagana: The Last Mermaid
by Kody Boye
Genre: Fantasy Thriller
I have always loved the ocean. Beautiful and tranquil, it seems like it can do absolutely no harm.
Until the night my parents go missing, and then are subsequently found dead.
Both have been viciously mauled by something off the Gulf—something even the medical examiner claims is an ‘unknown animal.’ But the worst part? I swear I saw something in the water the night they were both killed.
But this is no chance occurrence. As the body count begins to rise, and as more tragedies unfold, I realize that something has to be done.
Someone has to hunt down, and kill, the monster of Mermaid Cove.
That someone is me.
Though he was born and raised in Southeastern Idaho, Kody Boye has lived in the state of Texas since 2010. His first short story, [A] Prom Queen’s Revenge, was published at the age of fourteen. He has since gone on to publish numerous works of fiction, including the young-adult novels When They Came, The Beautiful Ones, The Midnight Spell and ALT CONTROL ENTER, as well as fiction for adults. He currently lives and writes in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. He is in the process of obtaining an undergraduate in creative writing and plans to pursue an MFA to teach afterward.
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