Cowboy Desire – Mail Order Mate

What a great list of authors!

I’ve got a short story up in this anthology! I’m so excited to join this really talented group of authors!

My story is Mail Order Mate

On a planet ravaged by death, Jack is left alone to raise her niece Molly after the rest of her family succumbs to a pandemic sweeping through several sectors of space.  Jack lost her parents,, sister, two younger nieces, brother in law and fiancé. She struggles to run a ranch of jumbos, a mammal large enough to feed a family for a year.  They provide milk, fiber for weaving, and meat.  Too valuable to abandon, the ranchers on this planet need more hands to survive. 

Ido with his brother Gwan and his mate Zira, an alien race newly discovered, escape an overcrowded planet in the hopes of a better life.  He’s drawn to Jack but grief hangs heavy between them. 

Can the green horns adapt to ranch life?  Will Jack put her past to rest and love again? 

Here’s the overall description of the book:

Cowboy Desire

Cowboy Desire is an eclectic assortment of short stories.

It includes contemporary, historical, fantasy, and even outer space romance, Cowboy Desire offers fourteen stunning short stories.

These fourteen authors provide a range of sweet to sexy stories all with a Western cowboy theme. They feature strong men and women battling the weather and dangerous terrain, here on earth and in outer space.

The collection is as diverse as the authors who wrote them. Here’s a chance to discover new talented authors and the characters they create. Within these pages, there are blends of tender, often moving, thought-provoking and downright sexy stories.

Jan Selbourne

I’m really pleased to welcome Jan Selbourne back to my blog!   There are the links at the end of this interview to her other visits with me.

Author bio

Jan Selbourne grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Her love of literature and history began as soon as she could read and hold a pen. Her career started in the dusty world of ledgers and accounting then a working holiday in the UK brought the history to life. Now retired, Jan can indulge her love of writing and travel. She has two adult children and lives near Maitland, New South Wales. 

Since your last visit, give us an update on you and what you’ve been up to. 

Thank you for having me Eileen.  Since my last visit, my book Lies of Gold was awarded the Coffee Pot Book Club 2019 Book of the Year silver medal – historical romance category. It was a complete surprise and I am very honoured.  And, in February my fourth book The Woman Behind the Mirror was published. 

Tell us about your new publication (part of a series, novel, short story, anthology etc) 

The Woman Behind the Mirror is a historical novel set in England and Boston during the early days of the American War of Independence. 

Is your new book / project in the same genre 

Yes, historical fiction. 

Describe your main characters 

Young, naïve Sarah Forsythe had stars in her eyes when she eloped to the American colonies, where abandonment, poverty and selling herself to survive await. Utterly degraded, she hides her self-loathing beneath a hard, bitter shell – until she returns to England with documents that could very well kill her.  

Neil McAlister, confirmed bachelor, has found his niche working for the prestigious Bank of England – until he meets Sarah. He doesn’t trust her an inch but she’s the only person who can identify the man behind a clever bank fraud. 


Marry in haste, repent at leisure is the last thing on Sarah Forsythe’s mind when she and the son of a local minister elope to the American colonies. She wasn’t to know abandonment, misery, poverty and shame would follow. As the colonies rebel against British rule and the siege of Boston worsens, alone and afraid, Sarah hides her desperation behind a hard shell. Conditions worsen, she’s forced to steal and instead of the cash she needs, she finds Bank of England documents. Sensing they might have some value, Sarah protects them through months of deprivation until she finally secures passage home to England. Unknown to her, two men are following, intent on claiming those documents. At any price. 

Bank of England fraud investigator Neil McAlister faces the biggest challenge of his career when a woman from Boston demands a reward for returning lost documents to the bank. Then two men with the same name and nearly identical stories arrive in England, each claiming ownership of them. Who is lying? Or are all three accomplices in a plot to swindle the bank? As the obstinate, secretive woman gets under Neil’s skin, he trusts that she was an unwitting witness to the crime of cold-blooded betrayal and treason before the fall of Boston. Now it’s up to Neil to protect Sarah because the traitor wants her dead. 


It was as she expected, dark and stripped of all furniture, so she felt her way along the wall until a hand covered her mouth. Her heart thudded with shock then she bit down hard. The grip loosened and she kicked back behind her. Two strong hands swung her around and jammed her face into the wall. 

“Move and I’ll cut your throat,” a muffled voice hissed in her ear. 

Sarah tried to kick back again but he dodged to one side and threw her to the floor. Winded and terrified she flinched when his knife pressed against her throat. 

“Who are you? Answer me!” 

“Please,” she begged. “Let me go and I’ll not look back.” 

A sharp intake of air. “A woman?” 

Sarah was pulled up to face a man shrouded in black and with a scarf covering the lower part of his face. 

“Let me go!” she yelled but his grip tightened and now frightened for her life she fought back. Her fingernails clawed at his eyes and when he jerked away her boot lashed into his shin bone. Swearing furiously, he kicked her feet from under her and she landed heavily on the floor. 

“Bitch,” he snarled. “If you were a man, you’d be dead.” Within seconds he was gone. 

Shaking uncontrollably, Sarah backed into a corner and curled into a ball until the cold and the terrible silence became unbearable. You are so close, and you can’t lie here forever. 

Lifting her head, she peered into the dark room before crawling to the alcove where the mahogany desk had stood. Inch by inch, she felt along the floorboards until she found the join. Her fingers moved forward until they found the second join and pushed down. It didn’t move. Stifling a sob, she willed herself to remember the night two men had challenged each other to a duel. She’d burst into this room to find Samuel Fenton on his knees placing a box into the hole. He’d swiftly covered it, spluttering something about dropping his snuff box. She hadn’t so much as glanced at the floor, instead she’d pointed to the salon shouting, “Quick, they’ll kill each other.” Now, she had no idea how to open the hidey-hole. God, it was so dark she couldn’t see a damn thing. Gritting her teeth, Sarah felt the floorboards again. No keyhole. Her eyes closed in despair, why didn’t she bring a hatpin or… Her eyes flew open. Idiot, the knife! 

Keeping one finger on the join, she fumbled for the knife in her pocket and pushed it into the crack. Nothing. “Please, please,” she begged silently and dug the knife into the other join. A soft click. Now what do I do? Her fingers gently pushed again, and the other end lifted. Every nerve in her body was screaming to get out now as she lifted the box from its hiding place. Something else was beneath it. 

Her fingers probed and picked up a slim leather folder when a noise outside made her freeze. Dear God, he was coming back. Then it went silent. Most likely an alley cat. She pushed the folder into the pocket of her cloak, clutched the box to her chest and, heart pounding loud enough to hear a mile away, she crept down the stairs and into the kitchen. Across the flagstones to the coal chute. “Oh no,” she whispered. There was nothing to help her climb out. Defeated, she slumped down to the floor and put her head in her hands. 

It was a scraping noise that roused her. Most likely a tree branch against a window, but wait, how did that brute get in and out? Gripping the knife, she walked beside the walls, touching each boarded window and door and then stopped to listen. Back to the privy where chamber pots were emptied into the sewer outside. The small door was open, its rusty hinges squeaking. Dropping to the floor she crawled through the gap, stepped over the foul-smelling drain and was about to run when a figure loomed in front of her. 

Hard hands grabbed her shoulders. “What were you doing in there?” 

“Nothing, get away, get away from me!” Jerking away, the box slipped from her grasp and hit the ground with a clatter. 

The man grabbed her again. “Slut, answer me or I’ll break your fucking neck.” 

Blindly Sarah lashed out at him and her breath caught in her throat when he gave a sickening whoop and staggered backwards to collapse onto the cobblestones. 

Oh, dear God. In her panic to get out she’d forgotten the knife in her hand. Her legs were turning to water, she couldn’t move, then a shout from the road. 

“What goes on there?” Two nightwatchmen with lanterns were turning into the lane. Dragging air into her lungs, she picked up the box and fled.*** 

Please tell us about any other accomplishments (other books or publications, awards, events) 

My second book, Lies of Gold received the Coffee Pot Book Club Book of the Year Award Silver Medal Historical Romance 2019. 

Are you attending any events? 

Not at the moment. 

What’s next for you? 

I’m currently working on a story set in England and Australia 1855. A retired London doctor discovers he and his business partner have been swindled out of their fortunes by the clerks they employed. Worried about the scandal, he begs Metropolitan Police detective Lloyd Harrington to find them, quietly. When evidence reveals the business partner and one of the clerks are travelling to the colony of New South Wales, Lloyd reluctantly agrees to follow. Where a brutal revenge for crimes committed years ago is about to unfold. 

With more experiences, what advice would you give a new author? 

Research for accurate settings and details, edit often as you write, ask a colleague to read your work as a reader, not as a friend.  Another pair of eyes is invaluable. And, don’t give up. 

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Perilous Love

Europe is on the brink of the First World War.  Gabrielle and Adrian, their marriage on the rocks, are thrust into a world of territory lies and deceit.   Not knowing who to trust, Gabrielle and Adrian find themselves fleeing for their lives across war torn Europe, the brutal German forces are hot on their heels, determined not to let them escape.   Adrian is between the devil and the deep blue sea as accused of treason and doesn’t know what awaits him back in England.  All he does know is he must reunite his family safely back in England.   Will this mend their broken marriage or tear them apart forever?  The odds are stacked against their survival.  Will they have what it takes to overcome obstacles? 

Jan Selbourne grew up in Melbourne Australia. Her love of literature and history began as soon as she could read and hold a pen. Her career began in the dusty world of ledgers and accounting, then a working holiday in the UK and Europe brought the history to life. Marriage and career put her writing career on the backburner, then on the point of retiring she changed direction to work as secretary for a large New South Wales historical society. Now really retired, she has published three historical fiction/romance novels.  Jan has two adult children and lives in New South Wales.


At one pm the following day, Adrian Bryce nodded to the doorman of Number Two, Whitehall Court, Westminster and walked briskly towards the waiting car. While not handsome in the classical sense, his immaculate attire, bearing and manner was one of wealth, authority and confidence. He was a man who gives orders, never receives them. His dark eyes set in an angular face barely concealed his anger and worry. He knew, along with everyone else with a brain, that war was looming in Europe. Since the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, rumors and intrigue and political double-talk had been flying through Britain and the Continent. Now, because of his family connections in Europe, he’d been ordered to accompany his wife and children on their annual visit to her stifling Belgian relatives who’d never emerged from the Victorian era. It did not matter to the men at Whitehall Court that he and his plain, boring wife of eight years, the mother of his plain, boring children, had lived separate lives for five years. His wife was related to aristocratic families both here and in Europe, and had been introduced to him at a diplomatic reception and, as both were expected to marry well, he thought it a good match at the time. However, their honeymoon proved they had nothing in common except for them to do their duty and produce children. For the last five years they’d rarely spent time together, except for the annual Christmas rituals and the children’s birthdays. He preferred his townhouse in London, she and the children lived at their country home in Kent.

As the car turned in the direction of the small, elegant lodgings in Bruton Street, his mind and body were anticipating what would be waiting for him. Beautiful, voluptuous, passionate, pleasing Maryanne. Christ, he was becoming hard thinking about her. He couldn’t wait to push his head between her magnificent breasts and soak in her body. He’d enjoyed the charms of several women, but never before had he experienced anything like the heat and passion that Maryanne gave. She was expensive, but she was worth every penny he spent on her.

Stepping out of the car, he told the driver not to wait, opened the ornate door and strode up the thickly carpeted staircase and into the beautifully furnished rooms.

“Adrian, my darling.” She put out her hands to him. “You have kept me waiting, you dreadful man.” The beautiful, auburn-haired woman pouted playfully then smiled, highlighting her high cheekbones and tawny eyes. Her husky accent inflamed his lust even more and he pulled her to him. She mouthed “wait”, dropped her loose robe to the floor, and then her warm breath was against his ear.

“Darling, I cannot wait a minute longer.”

Taking his hand, she led him to the adjoining bedroom. Neither wanted foreplay; both desperately wanted release and it came quickly. Collapsing on the pillows, they smiled at each other.

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Mystic Desire

Mystic Desire
A Paranormal Romance Anthology
with stories by
Breanna Hayse, Alice Renaud, Zia Westfield, Dee S. Knight, Carol Schoenig,
Callie Carmen, Anne Krist, Suzanne Smith, Patricia Elliott, R.M. Olivia,
Richard Savage, Lora Logan, Jan Selbourne
Mystic Desire is a collection of short paranormal romance stories. This is a chance to read and discover the work of a diverse group of very talented authors.
The themes in this book are varied, as are the collection of characters and artifacts, including Native American dream catchers, mystical jewelry, and characters such as lustful vampires, hot warlocks, a grumpy leprechaun, a ghostly terrier, a zombie apocalypse and things that go bump in the night.
From soft and tender love to hot passionate, kinky sex,
there is something for everyone in this anthology.
Unconditional Lust – Breanna Hayse
The massive, hideous merrow leader, Muruch, craves the taste of human flesh. Confined to the ocean, he feeds his horde with sailors from ships pulled into the maw of the Bermuda Triangle. When US Army Captain, Nurys Shaye, puts her life on the line to save him after being captured, his hunger for human flesh is shadowed by the desire for her body and her love. Will she be able to see past his appearance and trust him to break down her walls and teach her to feel?
The Sweetest Magic of All – Alice Renaud
When a sexy apprentice witch and a hot warlock go back in time to locate a magical amulet, they find more than they bargained for. It’s May Eve, the most magical night of the year, and normal rules don’t apply…
Bewitching the Wolf – Zia Westfield
The Witch, Alice Humphreys has poured her heart and soul into creating a magical B&B where guests experience the fantasy vacation of their dreams! Brodie MacEwan has been sent to investigate the mysterious death of his uncle. He never expected to discover his soul mate in his dreams. But is the illusion real? Alice knows that there is something all too predatory about the Scotsman and he makes her body tingle in places it shouldn’t!
An Awareness of Evil – Dee S. Knight
Only two things stand between evil and a small girl: the visions of Amanda McMasters and Detective Brendan Gilchrist. Neither can afford to be wrong.
Love that Binds – Carol Schoenig
On the outskirts of a small town where nothing grows, a young girl, Ianthee, is being bullied and accused of being a witch. Young Caleb, inexplicably drawn to Ianthee, comes to her rescue. Before they can explore their feelings, Caleb and his family disappear. What happened to him, and what part does a long-ago legend play in their lives?
Dream Catcher – Callie Carmen
Long ago, a medicine man had made a matched set of dream catchers as a wedding gift to protect the Chief’s daughter and her warrior husband. He had called upon the benevolent spirits to keep the two soul mates safe and in a loving, healthy marriage. It was foretold that if the two dream catchers were ever divided the new owners would be drawn together as soul mates. Was that possible?
Life Saving – Anne Krist
Saving lives isn’t just for adults. Sometimes the innocent magic of a child can do the job better.
The Mortal Vampire – Suzanne Smith
Remy enjoys life as a vampire, never giving a thought to sucking every last drop of tasty blood out of his unfortunate victims and leaving them doornail dead. But his cold and carefree existence changes the day he crosses paths with the beautiful and mysterious mortal Angela.
Love from the Mist – Patricia Elliott
When Jace Warden learns that his brother plans to announce his engagement at a family get together, he flees to the other side of the world to escape the joyous celebration.
Or at least attempts to… His plane never makes it, and he winds up trapped on an island. Little does he realize, he’s not alone; there’s a mischievous little entity milling about, and she wants to play.
Love’s Ghost – R.M. Olivia
Sorry, babe. I know it hurts to hear.” John frowned. I’ll make this brief. I spoke to the man in charge, and he is giving me one last chance.”
Come again?”
I’m allowed to make love to my wife one last time before I have to cross over. So, are you ready for your husband? Are you ready for me, Ingrid?” He lifted my chin up and ran his thumb along my lips. I felt a chill go down my spine. How could this be real? How could this be happening?
Love Knows No Apocalypse – Patricia Elliott
Getting stranded in the middle of a storm was not Samantha Wheeler’s idea of an ideal situation, especially in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. But fighting zombies was the easy part; her heart, though, was a whole other matter. Thanks to a man named Steve Jones.
When they find themselves in danger, she has to decide what’s more important – dying for someone you love or surviving.
Calling All Angels – Lora Logan
Elijah Baker, an immortal tasked with fighting against demons that exist on earth, finds peace when he meets his new neighbor, Celeste. But when he realizes that their love comes with a cost, he is faced with choosing between his calling and a chance at true love.
The Anniversary – Richard Savage
A cruel twist of fate wrenched Evelyn and Peter apart on their wedding anniversary. Evelyn’s life descends into darkness. James enters her life giving her a chance of happiness. Evelyn discovers a piece of jewelry, that has the power to grant her time with Peter on their anniversary. She adores James, but needs Peter. Can she ever really let Peter go, while there’s still a chance they can be together?
Through the Veil – Jan Selbourne
A beautiful March day in 1875 ends in tragedy when the wagon carrying Helen and Marcus plunges down the mountainside. Generations pass before Rachel Finlay finds an old sepia photo of a man and woman. She knows them but she’s never met them and now, for the peace of mind she desperately craves, she goes back to where it began. In time, through the veil, knowing she may never return.
**scroll through the slideshow to find out more about the authors!!**
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Carol Schoenig, Suzanne Smith, Lora Logan, Callie Carmen, Zia Westfield, Jan Selbourne, Dee S Knight, Alice Renaud

Read my review on Goodreads I really enjoyed this book. There were a lot of authors new to me! I got to read their style and find out if I wanted to try more of their writing.

Jan Selbourne

Jan is the next in the series of authors from Black Velvet Seductions. She’s got a short story in the anthology Mystic Desire.

Author Bio

Jan Selbourne grew up in Melbourne Australia. Her love of literature and history began as soon as she could read and hold a pen. Her career began in the dusty world of ledgers and accounting, then a working holiday in the UK and Europe brought the history to life. Marriage and career put her writing career on the backburner, then on the point of retiring she changed direction to work as secretary for a large New South Wales historical society. Now really retired, she has published three historical fiction/romance novels.  Jan has two adult children and lives in New South Wales.

Tell us about yourself.

I live in New South Wales, Australia, now retired and have two adult children.  My working life was diverse, and I was fortunate to travel to the UK and Europe, giving me wonderful backgrounds for the books I wanted to write. However, it wasn’t until after I retired that I could finally indulge my love of writing. I have three published historical fiction books and currently working on my fourth.  

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

When I was at school.  I loved literature, writing essays, letters to friends and pen friends, and fun stories to entertain my children.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

I like murder mysteries, a good who-dunnit and biographies as well as historical fiction and non fiction.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?


What is your current release or project? 

My current release Through the Veil is part of the Black Velvet Seductions supernatural anthology, Mystic Desire.

Tell us about the key characters.

Australia – 1875. Helen Finlay, daughter of a wealthy landowner and Marcus Townsend, wool classer, are in love and about to marry when a tragic accident kills Marcus. In 2018, Rachel Finlay, heartbroken over a disastrous love affair, discovers an old family photo album with details of this accident and gets the shock of her life. She knows these people, but she’s never met them. Turning her back on her dismal life she returns to the site of that accident and walks back in time to Helen – and Marcus.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

A beautiful March day in 1875 ends in tragedy when the wagon carrying Helen and Marcus plunges down the mountainside.  Generations pass before Rachel Finlay finds an old sepia photo of a man and woman. She knows them but she’s never met them and now, for the peace of mind she desperately craves, she goes back to where it began. In time, through the veil, knowing she may never return.

Share an excerpt .

Sandra glanced at her watch. “Ten minutes before we are due at the bank. After that, we’ll have a drink at the club. We deserve it.”

            Rachel fingers clenched. “When we’ve signed whatever papers they need signed, I’ll be on my way.”

            Sandra stopped walking. “There’s still a lot to do. The Salvation Army is collecting the furniture tomorrow, the estate agent wants the keys after we lock up the house and there’s bound to be something we’ve forgotten.”

            Rachel shook her head. “You don’t need me to watch them carry out furniture nor do you need me to take the keys to the agent.”

            “This happens every time,’ Sandra snapped angrily. “You drop everything in my lap and walk away. What’s bugging you Rachel? You’ve been edgy and downright rude to Greg.”

            “Stuff Greg. Nothing’s bugging me and if I want to leave now I will.”

             “For once in your aimless life, this is not about you, this is about Aunt Frances and all she did for us,” Sandra threw back at her.

            “I know what Aunt Frances did for us and you love taking charge and basking in the accolades after.”

            Sandra’s cheeks burned. “You don’t care about anyone except yourself. You drink too much, you can’t keep a job for more than a year,” she jabbed Rachels’s chest,“It’s no wonder you fall for the arseholes of this world.”

            “Shut up Sandra!”

            “No, I won’t shut up. Why do you fall for no-hopers with balls as big as their egos then drink yourself stupid when they drop you?”

            A lump formed in Rachel’s throat. Because I can’t find what I’m looking for.

Sandra threw her hands in the air. “Forget it, you are hopeless. Greg said last night you’d want to leave as soon as you knew what Aunt Frances was worth.”

            Anger dissolved the lump. “I’d rather be hopeless than a chardonnay sipping, social climbing snob without a bank account to match,” Rachel hissed furiously. “I’ll bet my last dollar that the first question Greg asks, after his oozing, ‘how are you, my darling’ will be ‘did you get everything fixed up with the solicitor?’ You can tell Greg– No, I’ll phone him myself to tell him in very plain language where he can get off and never to speak to me again.”

            Sandra’s mouth had dropped open in shock.

Rachel’s shoulders slumped. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to fight. Let’s get it over with at the bank and then I am driving up the coast.”

Several seconds passed before Sandra found her voice. “Why? What about your job?”

When Rachel didn’t reply Sandra closed her eyes in despair. “Don’t tell me you’ve lost your job.”

“I didn’t lose my job, I quit,” Rachel replied stiffly.

“Quit? When?”

After I recognised the man in the photo. “A few days ago. I’m driving to Grafton and perhaps go up the range to Glen Innes.”

             “Glen Innes?” Sandra repeated incredulously. “For God’s sake why and for that matter, what happened to your fear of heights and getting sick on winding roads?”

            “That’s for me to worry about,” Rachel replied. “I am sorry Sandra but I’m leaving after the bank.”

            Tight lipped, Sandra resumed walking, with Rachel following.

            Two long hours later, Rachel re-joined the Pacific Highway. She’d held it together at the bank and the awkward moment on the pavement before their curt goodbyes, but now as the car picked up speed, her throat ached with unshed tears. Their nasty argument and Sandra’s brutal words had cut into her like a knife. And, that horrible rhyme wouldn’t go out of her head.  Always the bridesmaid never the bride, loser in love empty inside. That just about sums you up Rachel. Never knowing what you want in life, alone in a crowd, disappointing your family, never good enough. Falling for men who win you over with charm and then wipe their feet on you. What did that psychologist say? “You are harbouring deep insecurity and guilt from your childhood.”  When I retorted, ‘What guilt? I had a wonderful, secure childhood,” she’d gone on about looking within myself and finding new interests and friends.  Friends? Sandra had been your best friend until she married that patronising, smooth talking “would be if he could be.” Rachel’s eyes blurred with tears. Now you’re driving north without knowing why and

            “Keep your eyes on the road!” a voice ordered as a semi-trailer roared past.

 “Oh shit!” Rachel swerved back to the left lane and glanced at the empty passenger seat. “Now I’m going mad!”

            “No, you’re not,” the voice said softly. “I will meet you there.”

            A mere suggestion of a hand brushing her shoulder made her shiver and it all became clear. She knew where she was going.

Do you have a favorite scene?

Yes, where she arrives at the Mann River Reserve, on the Great Dividing Range, and walks through the veil, to her former life.

What advice would you give a beginner?

Don’t give up, keep writing.

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