More Crochet Patterns Published

Lacy Length, Light and Lacy, Fiesta Throw and Drunken Doubles are all individual crochet patterns I created and published yesterday.  To create a hard copy, I put Woven Winter Scarf with Drunken Doubles, Lacy Length, and Light and Lacy to create Collection of Four Scarves.There are links to all of them on my website: The … Continue reading More Crochet Patterns Published

Moon Affirmations is on Amazon!

The paperback of this book is now available on Amazon!  It looks a bit raw as I think they are still working on the page but it is available - see the link below.Now I need to start working on how to create an audio book because that is the next step for this book.  … Continue reading Moon Affirmations is on Amazon!

Moon Affirmations Daily Meditations Using the Moon Phases to Focus Your Energy

This book has been close to my heart for a good many years.  It has been with different publishers and close to be published a number of times.  Finally, it is a reality.  I’m very excited and proud to let everyone know that Moon Affirmations is finally available.  The book started while meditating at a … Continue reading Moon Affirmations Daily Meditations Using the Moon Phases to Focus Your Energy

Published in 2012

One of my poems is published in the current issue of CC&D.  You can view it at and if you want a hard copy of it you can buy it at It is very reasonably priced and hopefully you will enjoy what I have in there and what all the other authors did … Continue reading Published in 2012

More Published Items

Well it has been a good week for me.  Here is the link for the second place I've been published.  cc&d magazine on the link.  Then click on writers which should have another screen popping open.  On that screen scroll to nearly the bottom to find my name and click on it.  You will see … Continue reading More Published Items

Back to Work

It has been a busy weekend.  Vicki and I watched an entire season of Merlin series.  Now we are caught up to the current season.  I crocheted while I watched for most of the time.  Still not done with the baby blanket.  I worked on that during craft day.  We had a good time.  There … Continue reading Back to Work