Polite and intelligent

On Facebook, I just watched a video of protesters talking to police about why they were being forced to take down signs in the rotunda.  The young man speaking was eloquent and intelligent.  He spoke passionately but politely.  The police were polite and asked nicely.  The protesters took their tickets.

It is amazing to me how some people can characterize the protesters as thugs, violent and other unpleasant names.  In reality from what I’ve seen and heard they are polite and firm.  They are there to state their opinions and protest.  They aren’t causing damage.  They aren’t breaking things.  They aren’t threatening anyone.  They are there voicing their opinions and beliefs (loudly). 

They aren’t getting discourse from the Republicans.  What are the Republicans afraid of?  Why won’t they discuss with an open mind and heart?  What stops them from listening to all of these people?  Unfortunately I don’t have the answer to that.  I can make assumptions but I’m not willing to do that. 

When I went to the rally and meeting I was hoping for a republican or two to be there so I could hear their side of this.  I want to KNOW why they are doing this and what they think they will accomplish.  Sadly none showed up.  All we get from them is name calling and bullying tactics.  The rules only apply to everyone else, it would seem, not to them. 

Go Democrats!!!

I’m not a political person – yes I know I’ve posted so much this week on the issues going on but under normal circumstances I’m just not.  I don’t vote by party lines.  I don’t discuss my votes.  I vote – every election.  I despair that our politician will ever get what is needed for our country.

Today though, I was PROUD of our state Democrat senators.  The Republicans and Governor have closed their minds and their ears to the pleas of the workers in the state.  Walker said he had 8,000 emails supporting what he is doing.  How many did he have wanting it to stop?  How many people have protested – somewhere around 50,000. 

I watched the national programs tonight – they were amusing.  They also got to the heart of the matter.  I think this is the first time I’ve heard the other side of the story.  It has been the Republicans BLASTING away at the “evil” state workers and unions. 

The overly dramatic presentation of the information was a bit much (maybe because I’m from the Midwest) but maybe that will start people thinking.  Paul Ryan is an idiot.  He accused the protesters of being violent.  I say come to Madison and see for yourself.  The Madison police had only good things to say about the protesters.  Apparently Ryan thinks the teachers are a bunch of violent radical people.  Well they are radical – they want to keep their rights.

If Walker and his cronies have their way, Wisconsin will become a state of haves and have nots.  It isn’t the state workers who have.  It will be the corporations, big business, and the politicians who have.  The workers – everyone else will be a have not.  State worker (those that don’t already have second jobs) will be looking for a second job. 

I hope the Democrats drive their point home and stick together.  They are doing what’s right and I intend to support them.


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