Bouncing Off the Walls of My Mind

Driving home today, my mind could not seem to settle on any topic.  My brain bounced from topic to topic.  Here is a little preview:
            What to pack for going to Vicki’s – how many days should I pack for?
            Story idea
            Blog idea
            Web site idea
            Crochet idea
            Story idea
            Pick up prescription
            Crochet project
            Problems with the van
            Different vehicle?
            Coupons to the girls
            Crochet to pack for trip
            Story idea
I only have a 25 minute drive but my mind just bounced all over the place.  The key here is to remember all the stuff I was thinking about during my drive and make sure I can take these fragments of thoughts and develop them or create a to do list from them. 
This rambling in my brain is often what happens when I can’t sleep but that is solvable by just getting up and writing a to do list or writing down the story idea.  Generally that is what keeps me awake – the story idea.
Once I’m home it is a matter of what I will work on first.  Today – blog idea… next probably crochet idea or project but you just never know where my odd mind will go and what trouble it will get me into next.  I’ve always said my mind is a scary place to be.

Busy… very busy

It was definitely a busy weekend.  I got almost everything crossed off my list.  I did get all the homework done I wanted to as well getting most of my forms set up for the new business.
Stone Editing is officially started.  I have no idea whether I will get any customers or work but all I can do is put it out there and do my best.  Now we will see. 
I have one or two smaller things to set up and get done but mostly I’m happy with where I’m at for the business and for homework.  I even got two dvds watched.  The one series can now go back to the library.
Vicki got me two poetry books by Mary Oliver.  I’m going to hopefully have time tomorrow to read them during my lunch hour. 
You’d think with all that I got done I’d be done with lists but I’m not because now I’m turning to the other list which is getting ready for the trip to Georgia!!!!  I cannot wait to see Gin and Stephanie.  I cannot wait to see their new apartment.  I’m hoping it will be a really good time and we get some quality family time in. 
It’s been a good weekend all in all.  It could be that I had a balanced weekend for a change.  Now if only I could discover the secret to complete balance on a daily basis… stop laughing – it could happen…