Weekend Away From Home

Ken and I spent the weekend with Vicki.  She and I went to Painting with a Twist on Friday night and did a moon picture.  Saturday, Vicki talked Ken into going and he had a good time.  We did a sunflower picture.

We watched the three original Star Wars movies and the three Back to the Future movies.  As well as I made pizza for Vicki.  She made me hermits and Ken German Chocolate Cupcakes.  She thoroughly spoiled us.

Today is back to reality.  I have a long long list of writing projects to deal with this week or at the weekend.  I’m hoping to accomplish some of them during the week but I’ll have to see how my week goes as I can only spend so much time at my desk at home without it bothering my legs.

It was good to get away.  The car handled wonderfully and we got good gas mileage – definitely an improvement over the van.  In addition to the good gas mileage, I didn’t hurt nearly as much as when I was driving the van.  Ken also was more comfortable in the car.  It was a good decision to get this car.  I don’t like the loan or the car payment but I like the improvements for my pain level and his.

Ken and Vicki took Sasha to the vet for shots.  She is having surgery as she appears to have a cyst or growth on her paw.  It’s bothering her so Vicki will be taking her to the vet again on Thursday for a quick surgery.  Hopefully all goes well and Sasha will only be annoyed with Vicki for a few days.

Normally when we go to Vicki’s we do as little as possible – mostly just hang out with her.  This is the first time I didn’t crochet her anything while I was there.  I wasn’t in the mood.  It was nice to just sit back, watch movies and hang out with her.  Painting with a Twist was fun.  I didn’t like my painting on Friday but when I woke up and looked at it on Saturday, I did.  Now I just have to find a place to hang it.

It was a good weekend.  I enjoyed the mini break and the time away from home.  Now it’s time to get back to work on my writing and crocheting.

A Good Deed Gone Bad

Yesterday Alicia, my oldest sister, and I went to Madison for a Paint Nite event.  We had a wonderful time painting and chatting with the people around us.  Our pictures turned out very nice.

On the drive home, we got in what I call a tangle of cars – not an accident but a grouping where everyone has to slow down because the lead people are going slower for whatever reason.  I was in the left lane and a minivan was in the right lane.  He had his blinker on and I let him in.

As usually happens the tangle cleared up as people passed the slower vehicles on the right and those going slow in the left got over.  Unfortunately the minivan I let in continued to go slow.  I waited, gave him some time to move over.

When he didn’t get over, I turned on my blinker and passed him on the right.  I’ll admit, I went a little faster than I would have preferred but I didn’t cut him off.  Still he blew his horn at me and sped up to get really close behind me.

I don’t play games on the road.  Vehicles are too costly and lives are too fragile.  After we passed another vehicle in the right lane, the minivan sped up, nearly hit me from behind, swerved into the right lane, sped around me, and got in front of me.  He then slowed down to the point where I was stepping on my brakes.

I set my cruise, go along and leave people alone.  I’m a fairly considerate driver, letting people in when I can.  There was no opportunity to go around this guy and he was playing games.  If I slowed down, he did.  If I changed lanes he did.  My exit was coming up so I ducked in behind a semi and let the minivan go ahead of me.

Driving isn’t a race nor is it a competition of any sort.  I wish I could ask that driver why he thought he was justified in being such a prick about driving.  According to him, I did something wrong enough that he felt he had to teach me a lesson.  I bet the lesson I learned was different from the one he thought he’d teach me.  I’m sure he thought he’d teach me to not pass on the right or to not cut over as quickly as I did (though I maintain I had plenty of room).

The lesson I learned is that sometimes it doesn’t pay to be nice and let people in.  I’ll probably still do it but it will certainly make me think twice in the future.

Weekend in Review

We spent part of the weekend with Vicki as it was her birthday.  It was good to go see her but I wish I could have had more time with her.

Now we are home safe and sound.  On the drive down I wrote three scenes for the next Wayfarers book in my head.  While Vicki and Ken were out shopping I got them on the computer.  On the way back, I wrote a couple more scenes in my head and a couple of scenes for a different story I’m working on.

Driving would be better if I could stop and write stuff down but Ken gets annoyed when I do.  Plus it makes the trip much longer.  While visiting Vicki I made her a couple of things (of course).  She was thoroughly spoiled in the crochet department.

Now I need to turn my attention to Gin and Stephanie as Ken is going to visit them in less than two weeks.  I need to get their list of crocheted items done so he can put them in his bag.

Today will be a bit of a lazy day.  I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to crochet or write.  I still have one or two scenes in my head I want to get out.  I wrote last night and got the Wayfarer scenes out but was tired from the trip so crashed somewhat early (for me).

I’ve got the next JD Robb book to listen to and Cast in Peril still.  I’ve also got Babylon 5 to watch.  Either option could be fun.  I’ll have to see what Ken wants to get up to.  We’re having lunch with my sister, aunt, uncle, and mother.  After that, I’ll see what mischief I can get up to.

Bouncing Off the Walls of My Mind

Driving home today, my mind could not seem to settle on any topic.  My brain bounced from topic to topic.  Here is a little preview:
            What to pack for going to Vicki’s – how many days should I pack for?
            Story idea
            Blog idea
            Web site idea
            Crochet idea
            Story idea
            Pick up prescription
            Crochet project
            Problems with the van
            Different vehicle?
            Coupons to the girls
            Crochet to pack for trip
            Story idea
I only have a 25 minute drive but my mind just bounced all over the place.  The key here is to remember all the stuff I was thinking about during my drive and make sure I can take these fragments of thoughts and develop them or create a to do list from them. 
This rambling in my brain is often what happens when I can’t sleep but that is solvable by just getting up and writing a to do list or writing down the story idea.  Generally that is what keeps me awake – the story idea.
Once I’m home it is a matter of what I will work on first.  Today – blog idea… next probably crochet idea or project but you just never know where my odd mind will go and what trouble it will get me into next.  I’ve always said my mind is a scary place to be.


Today I spent most of the morning driving for the first time in six weeks or so.  My foot is swollen but not too severely and it is slightly painful.  This is a huge improvement from the last six weeks. 

For the last two days I’ve woken up with my toes / foot feeling normal – not swollen.  This is a huge improvement for me because my toes have felt like they were going to burst like a balloon. 

Vicki and I did the errands.  Vicki still had to do all the running into the stores and places but I was at least able to drive her there.  I’m hoping this means next week when I go back to work I can go back without her having to come with to help. 

If it still feels good tomorrow I will start walking more in the house.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to walk more easily by the time I go back to work next week.  It will also be nice to be a bit more independent rather than relying on others to do stuff for me.

I will be smart about it though and not over tax my foot.  There is no sense in pushing myself too hard and then not being better. 

I’ve been working on lots of crocheting while I’ve been laid up.  This week I’m working on a gift for a friend and a baby blanket for my sister to give to one of her student workers.  One of my daughter’s friend was looking for bibs and I have a great pattern for them so I’m going to make up one to see if she likes them.  If she does I’ll have her pick some colors and make a few for her.  So there is plenty to keep me off my feet and busy and continue healing.