New Car!

Crazy weekend - there's no other way to describe it than I had a crazy weekend.  Ken and I celebrated our 34th anniversary on Saturday.  We went out to lunch / brunch and had a nice meal at the Milwaukee Grill.  They have great breakfasts. It was nice to sit together and chat.  We spent … Continue reading New Car!

Anniversary and Other Things This Weekend

Friday was Ken and my thirty third anniversary.  We don't have a great track record when it comes to anniversaries.  Generally a lot of them have been bad - from our first where we fought to our eleventh where I broke my ankle and spent a lot of time in the hospital.  Fortunately this one … Continue reading Anniversary and Other Things This Weekend

Halfway through the Year

It just dawned on me that we are halfway through the year.  My first six months of 2014 have been incredibly busy with writing, family, and work.  In January, I was disappointed I didn't get the grant I'd tried for.  I was very disappointed to the point where I thought I'd never have the time … Continue reading Halfway through the Year


Thirty two years ago today I was a young and naive seventeen year old preparing for a journey I really had no clue what it would be like.  Unlike most girls, I didn't dream of a certain wedding or even getting married.  Then Ken came into my life.  Our first year of marriage was difficult … Continue reading Anniversary


Our family cannot hang on to gifts till the day of the celebration for anything.  There is just no way for them to have patience enough to be able to wait to give a gift.  So Friday when Ken came in and was all secretive and stealthy, I knew something was up.  Then he comes … Continue reading Sweet