Wayfarer Negotiator

The fourth book in the Wayfarer series is now available:

Decker and Adara return from time on Command Space Station collecting new members of the crew.  Their new sectors await their arrival.  Adara is called to negotiate a settlement between two groups – Wayfarers and shopkeepers – on a space station. 
Avin gets a murder case that is both baffling and odd.  Adara reminds him that Etienne society is much more polite than human society.  She aids him in one murder investigation which leads to another migraine. 
Adara’s continued health issues have Decker trying to control her decisions.  She has to negotiate with him to get him to treat her like an equal. 
At the same time, Adara meets Decker’s parents for the first time.  His mother disapproves of her instantly thinking she is after his money or using him to advance her career.
The data crystal from Commander Farin contains a design for a weapon or space station the command crew needs to figure out.  Janet gives birth to her twins at Bedelia’s instead of in med bay as she planned.  Decker finally proposes.  
Watch for the fifth book to come out early next year!

Sleep, blessed sleep

Sleep was the order of the day yesterday.  I dozed until after 11 in the morning.  I worked on the computer for a short period of time updating the checkbook and such.  We had lunch (or breakfast for me) and watched West Wing.

He put up the Christmas tree while we watched.  I meant to crochet but I didn’t.  After the tree was up he did other things and I napped.  With supper, we watched Diners, Driveins, and Dives and then West Wing again.

He went to bed and I thought about going to bed.  Instead I worked on editing a manuscript.  Once I started editing, the night slipped away from me.  Still I made it to bed before midnight.  Apparently I needed sleep yesterday but not today.  I woke up early this morning and am up, showered, dressed, and ready to face the day all by 8:00 am (or 8:20 as it is right now).

Ken’s wrapping gifts and I’m going to crochet today I think.  I have a few things I want to get done but we will see.  I’ve not written in a week it may be time for my brain to kick back into gear and work on writing.  I edited the fourth and fifth books of the Wayfarer series over the last few days.  They aren’t done.  I need to swipe through them again once I get the edits in the computer.

Before his game starts, I may see if he wants to watch Babylon 5 or West Wing but if he doesn’t I might just decide to make it a writing day.  I’m feeling ambivalent about it which could be good or bad for the writing.  I could open the file and the words could just flow or I could putz around and not accomplish anything.  I’ll have to see how the morning goes.

If I’m not knee deep in writing, this afternoon while he watches football I’ll work on getting the edits on the computer.  After that it is a matter of getting all the pieces together.  Wayfarer Negotiator and Wayfarer Wedding are the next two in the series.  I have the cover for the one but need other pieces in order to publish.

As much as I slept yesterday, I wouldn’t mind a nap at some point today but I’ll have to see how the day goes and how involved I get with what I’m doing.

Six Days…

Last Friday I worked on changes for the fourth Wayfarer novel and came up with a splendid opening for the fifth book. 

Over the last six days, I’ve been busy.  Monday I had 22,000 words in the fifth novel.  This was not my intention, though it was certainly a nice surprise.  There are times when I’m writing that I know the story is going really well.  I can’t get the words out fast enough and as I’m writing I know that every step I take is the right one.  That’s how this one went.  Four I struggled a little in places, rewrote some scenes, added in to the rough draft, but this one…. this one was a dream.  There were nights I was mad because I had to go to sleep in order to get up for my day job.

Last night I spend an hour putzing because I was trying to think how I wanted to do a scene.  I was annoyed with myself because I had written myself into this scene and there was no way around it.  It was supposed to be the culmination of a plot from multiple books. 

I did wha tI normally do when I’m feeling grumbly about a scene.  I called one of my daughters.  I rambled around the topic and the options and eventually decided on a method for handling the scene.  Since I finished writing it at 12:30 last night, I don’t know how well it worked.  My test readers have it and will tell me if I need to change it.  I’ll read it and decide if I need to change it. 

There is one scene after, maybe two little scenes, in which the two main characters are together.  I went for a little funny, a little romantic, and hope that it worked well. 

Now all my test readers – I’m working on a different series for the next month.  No nagging for the sixth Wayfarer.  It isn’t even in my head …. yet….

Late Night or Early Morning

It has been a week of late nights and last night I stayed up writing (and waiting on my computer to shut down) until Ken got up. 

Ironically, he always asks me why I’m still up.  It’s a silly question because mostly I stay up writing.  It could also be that I can’t sleep but lately it’s that I’m writing. 

I’m working on the fifth Wayfarer novel.  The fourth one is done and needs editing but I’ve been really busy with writing the fifth one.  I did some rewrites on Friday to the fourth one.  I sent them off to my test readers and they liked them.  After I was done with the rewrites, I realized I knew the perfect opening for the fifth book.  I wrote it hoping it would get it started and get it out of my head so I could work on other things.

I wrote it and the next scene seemed to follow in its heels.  And the next… and the next… and – well you get the idea.  I now have 42,000 words written and two more scenes to write.  One will be a big scene with lots of smaller scenes leading up to the culminating scene.  The other will be a summing up scene, not quite an epilogue but a scene that says essentially – hey this is where we’re at and maybe hints at what comes next. 

Hopefully when I’m done with the obsession five has become I’ll be able to go to the last Defenders book and finish it.  Unless the sixth Wayfarer takes over my brain, that is entirely possible.  I’m going to try to put my foot down though because I don’t want to have three books to edit in one series. 

Two of my test readers are cranking at me to finish the fifth book.  They apparently want to read it.  Of course they will read it and ask for the sixth book.  It is just a neverending round of demands from them.  They are such slave drivers.

Crocheting to an Audio Book

Books are amazing.  They take you to a place you can’t go on your own whether it is in the future, the past, a distant location, or some other fantasy.  I adore a well told story.

Last night I worked on crocheting again.  I spent four hours working on gifts and got two and a half gifts done.  At the same time I listened to a book.  There is something about having a book read to you that is just entrancing to me.

I find I crochet more, getting more accomplished while I listen to an audio book.  I finished off Immortal in Death and thoroughly enjoyed the entire book.  Today I want to work on more gifts.  This means I’ll be finishing the half gift from last night and then I have a larger gift to work on for a student worker who is graduating.

I’ll have one more (I think) to finish for student workers and she asked me for something warm as she hates the cold of winter.  I’ll work on something for her next.

After that I’ll be working on gifts for my faculty.  I’ve got a huge stash and I’m hoping to be able to pull out of my stash to create all sorts of goodies for them.  I’ll have to see what colors I have and such.  I also have new books that I want to try different projects so I guess they are going to be guinea pigs for my crocheting.  I hope they don’t mind.

For this weekend, I’m hoping to finish the student worker projects and maybe a little bit of writing projects.  I have to copy stuff over from my flash drive and see what the plan is for the day.  Ken has already run errands and I didn’t have to go with.

I’ve decided that at heart I must be a hermit because once I get into my house, I just want to stay in my house and not go wandering around too much.  It’s good to snuggle in – especially as we are getting colder – and just work on projects at home.

I’m going to make sure I take pictures of the projects I’m doing and I’ll post them after I’ve given the gifts.  It is definitely a colorful year for gifts.  I like almost all the colors I have been working with and when I look in the bag of gifts that are done it is great to see the rainbow.

If you’re looking for a good gift to give, check out my books at my site:  http://eileentroemel.weebly.com/

No Stress Day

Vicki called me last night to chat before she went to bed.  Before she called I was writing, the words were flowing, everything was moving along nicely.  I hung up with her, typed a sentence and my phone rang again.  It was my other two daughters calling to chat.  I asked if they coordinated that with Vicki.  They laughed and denied by I have my suspicions.

It seems like every time I go to the bathroom or am writing they call.  I think they may have hidden cameras in my house.  Well okay – probably not.

Yesterday I got the new Wayfarer book out!  Today it is available on Amazon.  I’ve reviewed the proof and the paperback will be ready in a few days.  I ordered copies so I can have them on hand, donate to the University library, send to my kids.

Last night I worked on another story and am trying to get it wrapped up.  I realized I had three plot lines to complete before I could finalize the book.  Of course I have editing to do after that.  I’m hoping to finish it off in the next week or so but I’ll have to see how writing goes.

I’m going to play with a cover for one of my novels I’m almost done with.  I don’t have one in mind so I’m going to play around with a few ideas.  I am leaning towards simple with my covers.  I find I like them better when they are either a photo someone has taken or a simple cover.

Once I’m done with a few of the writing projects, I plan to work on crocheting.  I’m hoping to get a few of the gifts made while I watch movies or tv today.  It will be interesting to see if the crocheting loosens up my hands a little.  If it does, I may have to go back to crocheting on a weekly basis to keep the arthritis under control in my fingers.

It’s Sunday so I want a nice and easy day without a lot of stress.  Crocheting, writing, tv, movies, all sound like a good plan.  Of course I have a manuscript to edit so maybe that will find a way into my day as well.

Wayfarer Immemorial

Decker and Adara face her new role as clan leader while struggling with new threats from the Barions.  The Fletnon calls for help and the crew of the Pritchard is forced to rescue the Barions who nearly killed Adara. 
The Wayfarer clans give the Cloch clan – Adara’s clan – three long haul ships as reparation for the damage the Dotean clan did to the Cloch clan.  Adara is inundated with requests to join her clan but she’s not even sure how to induct people into her clan.
A trip to the Etiennes for a solstice celebration solidifies Decker’s commitment to Adara.  He looks for a way to express it.  Franklin gets an apprentice from the Etienne hunters.  Janet and Hal hook up for some steamy romance but his past pushes them apart. 
On her way to do clan business, Adara is confronted by a lone Barion claiming to have a message for her.  The Barions are up to something.  Battle cruisers abound and it’s unclear whether they’re working together or chasing a single ship. 
At the clan gathering, members of the elusive Spiorad clan join the Cloch clan as well as dozens from the other clans.  Members of the crew step up to officially join Adara’s clan bringing all aspects of Adara’s family into her clan.
The artist for the Aegis memorial flirts with Decker, making Adara furious.  She refuses to be featured as part of the memorial and forces the artist to look at the people who died on the Aegis.  Before the memorial, Adara and Decker are captured by Barions.  Harot has Decker tortured to punish Adara. 
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Yesterday I was busy with writing.  I published a book, downloaded reports from the companies who I publish through, printed a manuscript for editing, finished editing one manuscript and got a third of the way through another.  It was a busy day.

In addition to all the writing things, I talked to all three of my daughters, organized coupons, and spent time with Ken.  It was a good day with a bit of balance in the day.

This morning I’ll be putting edits into the computer for the manuscript I finished a round of editing.  I have more coupons to go through.  I want to work on croheting.  I also have to get stuff ready for work this week.

I now have nine books under my name.  This is way beyond what I thought I would do in a year.  In the next two months, I’m hoping to get two more books out.  The two manuscripts I’ve been editing need to have a nice polish put on them and then out for readers to enjoy (I hope).  The one will be Wayfarer Immemorial, the third installment of the Wayfarer series.  The other will be a new book about magic, love, good versus evil, betrayal and a bit of redemption.  I’ve not named it yet but it will hopefully be ready by the end of November.

I’ve been submitting short stories and other items to other places and having absolutely no success.  I don’t know that I’m successful with the books but they are at least out there for people to try.

My relaxing weekend has been full of writing and hopefully today a bit of crocheting while I catch up on the tv shows I’m behind on – NCIS LA, Dr. Who, Person of Interest.  I hope I can finish the current scarf I’m working on and then start some of my holiday crocheting.  I’ll just have to see how things go though because the editing is really calling to me.

I started the fourth Wayfarer book and have struggled with getting more down.  It’s in my head, I just can’t seem to decide which scenes to write first.  I realized last night the moon is in the full phase.  This is almost always a non-creative time for me but a productive time in getting things done.  I can only assume as the moon shifts to the dark moon I’ll get back on track with the fourth Wayfarer book.  I also have a bunch of information in my head about the last Defenders book and the second book in another series I’m working on.  I just need the time to get it all into the computer.