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Short Writing Session

Today I worked in my office for my day job. I came home with high levels of pain. Now I’m fighting a headache and nausea. This is pretty normal for my at the office days. I come home spent from being at the office and not having my recliner to work in.

I want to write but my brain is too foggy. I’ve managed to finish the escape from the bad guys. Next up, they have to get back to his world. She needs to meet different people and find the joy in them.

Tonight I wrote about 1400 words. I’m at about 36,500 words for the whole thing. I’ve got the next scene and a few more just begging to be written but I’m struggling to find words and don’t feel good. I’m setting the computer aside to read a book.

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A Rough Chapter

Well I’ve kidnapped and tortured my characters. They’re in the process of escaping. It was a hard chapter to write. But I think it fits the story well and I hope it will lead to a better understanding between the two.

I’m not sure what time I started writing as I was busy finishing a takeover, talking to authors, and taking care of other book stuff. I think I wrote for about 4 hours! I got 5600 words written and the manuscript is 35K long!

It will be a short night but it was worth it. Next step is for them to escape and then figure out how to get back to his world. This is where I hope to create some wonderful places for them to stop and make some connections. Janine – she’s key at that. Or at least I think she will be.

Now, I’m off to bed because I have the day job tomorrow and an early morning meeting.

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Day Job and Writing

Yesterday I was too tired to write. I did a few chores around the house but spent my morning working on graphics. It was hours of work with only three graphics to show for it. I turned it all over to Vicki. I’ll let her fuss with it.

Today, I went back to my day job and felt behind all day. I also spent an hour working on client editing. Then I spent almost three hours writing.

My characters have been through an emotional wringer while being lost in the forest and pursued by bad guys. I’ve managed almost 3200 words tonight but it’s time for bed.

I’ve got two grumpy characters who are tired of being in the forest and in danger… I can’t wait to see what happens next…

Tomorrow – another chapter for the client and more writing for me – I hope.

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Saturday Work

Today I paid bills, cut up veggies, and worked on holiday gifts. I wanted to write. I’ve got a lot in my head for this story I’m working on. When I do sneak in some writing time, I just read the last bit I wrote and jump back in.

This afternoon, I went on Facebook to do the Author talk in my group and then chatted with a couple of the authors. I again worked on holiday gifts and wrote a little.

We had supper. Yeah we don’t really lead exciting lives. We ate and then watched Secrets of the Zoo Tampa. Hubby and daughter went to their spaces and I got to write.

Here I am 3000 words later… the book is 26K and I’m excited where my story is at. I like how my characters are moving along and I like how the story is going. Next up – kidnapping.

Once they’ve actually been kidnapped, I have to decide how long they will be held and if they will be tortured or what will happen while they are held. Are they taken off world? If they are, how will my characters escape and get back to where they belong? What sorts of worlds will they land on? So many options… 😀

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Energy to Write!

It’s the weekend! It’s been a long week and the hardest part for me – finding the energy to write. I want to write but my mind shuts down after a long day of work and then family and then having an hour or so to write.

Tonight, my family stuck around later than I expected but I still added about 1600 words to my story. I love where the story is going. I love what’s going on. I can see the next several chapters and I want to just write all day and all night.

My hope is after I pay bills, set up a takeover, and do several tasks on my book to do list, I’ll have the energy and time to work on this story.

Right now, I know what the next chapter will be. I can see the scenes in my head like a movie playing – I just need to write them. Unfortunately it’s almost midnight and my eyes are saying no more. I’m off to bed with the hopes I get more done than I expect.

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I Wrote Some

Tonight I finished two scenes and started a third. I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I wrote only 822 words putting me about 21,500 words for the book.

I’m super tired. I woke up late and rushed through my morning routine. I had five meetings today. It’s exhausting. I have all these meetings and then in between I try to do the tasks I need to do but I fall short.

I cut one meeting short today. Basically showed her how to do it and said, okay get that data entered and then we’ll meet early next week to go over the rest of the details. I think I was at my limit for meetings.

The bright spot of my day – someone sent me flowers. A faculty sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. It brightened my whole day and lifted my spirits.

Now I’m headed to bed. I hope tomorrow I’m in less pain and less tired so I can work on this story.

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Time for Bed

The story is right there but my brain is saying no. It’s been a week of little sleep. Today was an in person day for work so my pain level is up. This all adds up to me calling a halt. I’m trying to write a scene which gives hints to what happens next and also set up who the bad guy might be… but I think that will stretch out until we get to book three.

Between my daughter and husband staying out with me longer and the complete lack of sleep I’ve had this week, I’m done. I know what I want and I know where to go. But I’m just wiped out. Tonight I wrote 1400 words taking me to not quite 21K for total.

Tomorrow is another in person day for work. I have three or four meetings throughout the day. Two I have to take minutes so that’s involved. The other one or two I’m training. It will be a heavy lift day between all the meetings and being at the office but I’ll get through it.

At this point, I’ve got about a third of the book done. I have to finish my security scene. Next up will likely be a sex scene. Then a trip to medical to make sure she’s heeled. Then the kidnapping. I have so many decisions in those scenes. Will they torture her? Him? Will he break or will she? Then the escape. Then readying for battle. Then the climax where he realizes he’s a dick and needs to make up for his stupidity. Maybe another 40K I hope.

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Too Tired…. maybe

Last night I was irritated with my eyes. I thought what the hell is going on. I packed up my computer and tried to decide if I could write out a chapter in one of my Rocket books. I reached to take my glasses off and realized…. I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses. This is why everything was so blurry.

So I thought I’d just do an early night but I grabbed my computer and didn’t stop writing until I’d written 10,600 words. It was a good writing day!

Today I returned to my day job after the long weekend. I wanted to do nothing more than pull out my computer to work on my story. I didn’t. I worked and made a lot of progress with a bunch of things.

Tonight I wrote. I picked up exactly where I left off and KNEW what was coming. I managed to get almost 3,600 words written tonight. I’d keep writing but I have to be up early to go into work.

I’ve gotten my characters through one life jarring moment. I have a few more in mind – we’ll see how they want it to go. I’m at a little over 19K for word count and I might be about a third of the way through the book.

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Back to Work tomorrow

It’s been a busy weekend. Yesterday I started a new series. The covers called to me and I’m able to fit an aspect I was toying with into the story. I started writing yesterday. I hoped today would be a good day for writing all day but I’ve had some distractions.

I had other things to get done this morning. While I hoped to get them done in an hour, they took up most of my morning. Ironically, as I was trying to focus on one task, several others came up. I made some decisions on things I was considering.

I sound all mysterious but it’s not. I made some decisions about some books and how they’re distributed. While it was fresh in my mind, I took some steps to change how they are distributed.

Finally I got back to writing. I’ve added more than a chapter today so I’m pleased with my progress. Today I wrote about 6400 taking my total for the book to a little over 10,600. It’s a good start to the book. It might also mean I’m doing one of two things – adding too much detail or the story will be longer than I usually write.

It’s early for me to stop and frankly the words are flowing but I’ve got a headache and my vision is blurry so I think I’ll try for an early night. We stirred up a lot of dust and crud yesterday when we organized the craft room. My eyes have been itchy and sore all day so it might be two fold – overuse and allergies.

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New Story

Well it’s been a busy weekend. We did some canning and freezing. I can’t even remember what all we did but tomato juice, applesauce, and freezing bananas was part of my weekend. I know there was more but my brain is too tired to remember.

We worked in the craft room with organizing it. Six large boxes of yarn finally got put away and organized how I wanted them. I also helped Vicki organize some of her supplies.

Poor little Bash got a lot freaked out when we started moving things around. He got so upset, Vicki had to step into the bathroom with him and snuggle him for a number of minutes. She calmed him down and he was slightly better when they came out.

Today I started a new Ava M story. I’ve had these gorgeous covers – trilogy – and I’ve had this character running through my head for the last few weeks. It finally came together over night. I woke up with the plot for the first book outlined in my head. I also have a rough idea of the second book. The third one is still a blur for me but I am pretty sure I’ll figure it out as I go.

With all we did today, I didn’t think I’d have time to write but I’ve managed to get 4200 words written today. Tomorrow I have a list of tasks but I hope to add to it. I’d love to have rough drafts done on all three of these by end of year but we’ll see how cooperative the characters will be.

This story arc is alien mate scifi romance. I’m excited to write this project.