A Good Schedule

In Wisconsin we've turned cold.  Temps have dipped from the thirties to the teens.  Stepping outside I catch my breath and feel a hitch from the icy temps.  This means I'm starting the hibernating part of the year. I've finished the dish towels for the girls in Georgia.  Now I'm moving on to other projects. … Continue reading A Good Schedule

Medications and alternatives

Since my pain med was taken off the market by the FDA, I’ve had a difficult time finding pain meds that work and that doctors are willing to prescribe for me.  My ortho says – pain meds should be maintained by the GP.  My GP says – if you are on delauded then the doctor … Continue reading Medications and alternatives

Simple Solutions

Health issues can be a struggle.  Our society has turned to science to “fix” us.  In doing this I think we’ve forgotten some of the best and simplest solutions to some health problems.  Most people are quick to go to their doctors and say “I can’t sleep I need a pill” or “I can’t breathe, … Continue reading Simple Solutions


I know it is December.  I know that I live in Wisconsin and not Hawaii. But when the starting temp for the day is minus five I consider that damn fucking cold.  Brilliant me, I was tired Monday night and just wanted to get home.  I debated about getting gas.  We were at a nearly … Continue reading Frigid…

Winter Waddle

Winter has definitely come with just having cleaned out from one storm and another on its way.  This one promises to be several inches – they are calling for up to ten inches depending on where you are in Wisconsin and how the storm tracks.  It sounds to me like a good day to stay in … Continue reading Winter Waddle