Kaitlynzq and I met on social media and because of our mutual love of poetry. Author Bio My fictional stories are written from the inside view of a character’s interior heart-that beautiful, vulnerable, intimate space feelings, desires, needs, dreams a blend of delicate feather ripples of heart waves needs, feelings, dreams, desires quiet, gentle heart … Continue reading Kaitlynzq

The Child of Happiness

The Child of Happiness by S.V. Cobets Genre: Poetry Edited version This collection of poetry is a summary of my selected poems that I wrote for many years. I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. In this collection of poetry are collected all of my feelings that I … Continue reading The Child of Happiness


I've got a poem called Take a Moment and it is about rushing around dealing with the chaos of daily life but remembering to stop and take a moment to enjoy what is and what you have.  I've been feeling very unproductive when it comes to my writing.  I know I've been writing up a … Continue reading More!

Full Moon

August is the beginning of harvesting.  It is time to start gathering up what has been planted and grown all year.  The full moon, which is fast approaching, is about sharing the fruits of your labors.  With the waxing moon it is a build up of energy towards the full moon.  It is about getting … Continue reading Full Moon


A good chunk of my day yesterday was spent trying to figure out the order the poems for my next poetry book should go in.  It sounds like a simple task - just choose what order seems to make the most sense.It isn't that simple.  For one thing, I'm not always the best judge of … Continue reading Poetry

Moments in Nature in Paperback!

My first poetry book is now available in paperback.  I'm very excited about this one because it is an expression of how nature affects me on a deeper level. Nature inspires me.  I watch it wash over all of us and how we all react to it.  It doesn't matter whether it is the season … Continue reading Moments in Nature in Paperback!

Moments in Nature

Since the late 90s, I've been jotting poems down in all sorts of places and at all sorts of times.  Some of these have been published (see my credits page and my poetry page).  Poetry for me is something I get in a flash.  It is a word or phrase that sticks in my head … Continue reading Moments in Nature

Damn that Inner Critic

Poetry is personal.  My short stories, novels, essays, while personal aren't a microcsope of how I was feeling in a particular moment.  My poetry is an insight into how I was feeling in one particular moment.  It exposes sometimes raw emotion to whoever reads it.  In many ways this is what makes it good (and dare I hope … Continue reading Damn that Inner Critic

Need a Weekend to Recover from My Weekend

Yesterday was exceedingly productive.  Ken got up early to collect firewood from his brother’s house.  On the way home he stopped at Sorg’s to pick up our order.  I made sure I was up, dressed and organized by the time he got home.  We went to Schnuck’s grocery store as they were having a 10 … Continue reading Need a Weekend to Recover from My Weekend

Good News

My romance novel made it to the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards Contest!  In the first round they read my pitch and liked it so now I’m advancing with 399 others to the second round. The second round reviewers will read my excerpt (and the other 399 excerpts) and the top 100 … Continue reading Good News