The Muse

One of my poems has been published in The Muse.  It is a university press literary magazine.  I was thrilled to learn that it would be published as the poem published was one of my favorites.  When they sent me a notice they were doing an event where all the artists were going to … Continue reading The Muse

Busy… very busy

It was definitely a busy weekend.  I got almost everything crossed off my list.  I did get all the homework done I wanted to as well getting most of my forms set up for the new business.Stone Editing is officially started.  I have no idea whether I will get any customers or work but all … Continue reading Busy… very busy

More Rejections

I’ve had a bit of success with getting a few things published.  However, it seems like every time I open my email I’m looking at more rejections.  I know they are a part of writing.  I know it usually isn’t the style and quality of writing but some days it is hard to take.I’ve let … Continue reading More Rejections

More Published Items

Well it has been a good week for me.  Here is the link for the second place I've been published.  cc&d magazine on the link.  Then click on writers which should have another screen popping open.  On that screen scroll to nearly the bottom to find my name and click on it.  You will see … Continue reading More Published Items

Writing organization

Writing is wonderful for me.  It takes me away from everything that annoys me.  It relaxes me in a way almost nothing else does.  Yet I find myself being annoyed because I'll come across a good lead for submitting my work but then I can't find what I want.  Obviously the creative side is struggling … Continue reading Writing organization

Creative vs Business

And now for a slight break from the drama and stress of politics...Writing is a dual process.  You have to be creative to create the product but you also have to be business minded to market your work.  The creative side sort of takes care of itself in my mind.  There are times I sit … Continue reading Creative vs Business