Hiding Out

I’ve been hiding out for the last month.  School ended and I got two A’s in my classes. Yeah!!  But after I was so stressed out I retreated into escapism.  I’ve been watching tv, playing facebook games, reading and crocheting.  I just needed some down time from everything.  In the last week I’ve started to … Continue reading Hiding Out

Jammy Day?

My window shows that there are specks of white fluttering down to the snow covered ground.  More snow this morning and my first reaction is to grumble.  I think that is standard when we see the snow.  It is pretty though.  The white against the dark browns and grays of the tree right outside the … Continue reading Jammy Day?


This semester has been kicking my butt.  I’ve whined here on my blog and in real life about how tired I am.  My classes are good.  I’m enjoying the challenge of them.  The schedule is just beating me up.  Monday I am at work by 7:45 am and I am in class until 8:45 pm.  … Continue reading Schedule


Are you sure today can’t be Friday?  I’m wiped out.  Part of it is my fault and part of it is my schedule.  I’ve got a lot on my plate this week with school, homework, work, and a side job.  Tonight is clean up night for the work week.  I’m hoping to get the paper … Continue reading Midweek…

First Full Week

I’ve had my first full week of classes.  I’m exhausted (and feel somewhat old), overwhelmed, and a bit excited.  My fiction writing class seems like it will be a lot of fun.  I am looking forward to the critiques of my fellow students.  We will be turning in two short stories for the class and … Continue reading First Full Week

New Semester

Classes started this week.  I have one assignment of reading which I’ll tackle this weekend I think.  I also have a few other things I want to get done before the semester gets into full swing.  My to do list include finishing a few sewing projects, making fake blood to redo my cover shot for … Continue reading New Semester

End of the Work Week

Today is my last day of work for the week.  I’m going to have a four day weekend.  It promises to be a very full weekend.  Then next week starts the new semester.  I’m very excited to start classes.  This time around I’m taking Fiction Writing and Book Editing.  I can’t wait to see how … Continue reading End of the Work Week

Four More Days

I have four work days, one final exam, and a lot to get done this week.  Then I’m on vacation.  I cannot wait.  It has been a busy hectic weekend.  Our friend came over and we celebrated Christmas with the girls in Georgia via video chat.  It was fun if a bit awkward.  I need … Continue reading Four More Days