Wayfarer – Books 7, 8, 9

One thing about writing a series is you have to keep it fresh. You can’t keep blowing things up – or can you? If you put your characters through the same thing over and over your reader will be bored – or at least I would be. So I wanted to shake things up a bit… maybe a lot. These three books are about big changes in life. Huge changes which will either make a person stronger and better or it will break them down. What do you think happens with Adara?

Wayfarer Destruction

Adara is in danger – again? Really? Well this time it’s right on Command Station and it’s partly Decker’s fault. If only he hadn’t asked his father to get Adara out of their quarters. This book has a lot of sorrow and grief in it. It also has one of my favorite scenes when one very small character gets a chance to be a hero.


Someone wants Adara dead – again.

A disastrous first flight leads Franklin to expose sabotage and industrial espionage threatening Adara’s life.  Orders come down, Adara and Decker are to seek out and meet with the Hettians. They are to return the Hettian prisoners to their home world.

Dr. Nukpana is on the loose trying to recruit Wayfarers and testing his formula on humans.  The bodies pile up while Adara and Decker cope with an arrogant and foolish diplomat.   

Everything Adara loves is threatened. Many she holds dear are at risk. Will she be able to save the Pritchard and her crew? Or will she lose all she loves again?


Wayfarer Freedom

Loss, grief, and big life changes means Adara is off balance and uncertain of herself. This book has a lot of plot strands which lead the characters in a lot of directions but ultimately, brings them together to face it all together. For this, I wanted to show that even characters in a book have bad times and difficulties.


Adara can’t shake her grief. 

Without a ship and home, she feels untethered. Adara is pulled in many directions with her negotiations, training, and consulting. In the chaos of all her responsibilities, her life is threatened.  Is it because of the crimes she’s helped solve, the enemies she’s made at Command or with Nukpana?  Who is after her?  She struggles to find her balance as Decker is injured protecting her. 

Wayfarer independence comes before the legislature.  The clan leaders decide Adara is the best woman for addressing the large assembly.  Adara would like anyone else to do it but agrees because her people need her to. 

Will she be able to persuade them to give Wayfarer their independent status?


Wayfarer Salvation

New EVERYTHING! Starting this book like the reader just turned the page to see what was next seemed like the logical step in this book. There’s a lot of changes in responsibilities and life for this book.


Adara’s pregnant! 

Adara and Decker experience the fears and joys of expecting their child.  Fears remain from the previous miscarriage.  Decker wants to protect her, shelter her. 

With twists and turns of crime fighting, pregnancy issues, and growing pains, the crew of the Phoenix fumble their way through the first days of their contracts with Decker, Hal, Adara, and all the command staff trying to guide them.

Will they succeed on the new ship?


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Wayfarer Limits

The new Wayfarer book is out!  Wayfarer Limits is all about defining the limits in the characters lives and what are acceptable limits and what limits are not acceptable.

Here’s a description

Disagreeing without fighting, Adara and Decker face the new challenges as Command issues new mandates restricting how all members do their jobs.  Tension rises on the ship and across the human territory.  Diplomatic relations with the Tuscalains goes poorly for the humans but not for the Wayfarers. Racial unrest ripples across the human territory, hitting close to home with Adara’s family.
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For the rest of my day, I’m planning on working on editing or maybe watching disaster movies.  I’ve not decided.  I’m really excited about this publication.  It wrote fast and edited really well.  Right now I have five or six manuscripts to edit.  

Number 10!

Wayfarer Expansion is the tenth is the series and it was published today!  I’ve finally got all of my ducks in a row and finished the edits and published.

My intention today was to clean my office.  I want to reorganize some drawers and shift things around so filing (which I hate doing) will be easier.  I figured if I finally got around to this, my office would be more work space than pig sty.  It’s still a mess.

However, I finished the edits on the tenth novel this morning.  It took me all morning, much longer than I expected.  Then I read a book while I had lunch. It was very nice to just kick back and relax. This afternoon I started the publishing process and now it is done!  I’m very excited.

This means I’m going back to writing.  I have two crochet projects I HAVE to get done in the next month.  From there, I have one other project that has a deadline.  While I love the crocheting, I’ve finished watching the shows I was watching and now it’s time to go back to some intensive writing – so long as the muse is willing.

Wayfarer Expansion is now available in ebook for $2.99 and in paper for $12.95.  Check it out at these sites

Wayfarer Freedom, Grandma’s Doilies, and The Broom Closet

Three new books are available.  Wayfarer Freedom is the eighth installment in the Adara and Decker story.  The Pritchard was destroyed and now Adara is trying to cope with her grief and loss.  She wonders if she’s a jinx as the captains all thought after the Aegis.  While working through this grief, Decker and Adara suffer a more devastating loss.  Struggling with loss and grief, they return to Command.  Decker wants a bigger ship with more people. Adara’s afraid she won’t be able to protect their people. Pulled into negotiations, training, and prepping for a new ship, Adara couldn’t possibly have time for more but there is always more.

The Broom Closet is a collection of short stories.  A Stroll, a woman takes a stroll through a park to bring herself back to a place of balance.  The Broom Closet addresses the issue of religious freedom in the workplace.  Choices, a stressful life has led to medical issues which leads her to meditation.  Dolphin Quest, an old woman visits a dolphin.  She takes a journey with him to the depths of the ocean.

Grandma’s Doilies is a collection of short stories.  The Fight a boy waits to see if his mother will be abused. History Repeating, a great aunt tells of being raped. Guess, a mother teaches her daughter fiscal responsibility. Grandma’s Doilies, a granddaughter recalls a beloved grandmother. Dream Rich a poor mother struggles to feed her baby. Poignant stories address difficult topics.

Wayfarer Freedom is 2.99.  The Broom Closet and Grandma’s Doilies are both 99 cents.  These are available on Amazon and Smashwords.  I’ve got links on my site:  http://eileentroemel.weebly.com/

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Write, Edit, Publish, Repeat….

Writing has been on my mind and keeping me busy.  I have five projects I’m working towards the production phase.  They’re all written and edited.  The next steps are to enter changes on the computer, do spellcheck, read through a final time, write a summary, create a cover, and production.

For Wayfarer Freedom I’m at the production phase.  I have to sit down at my computer at home to put it through the production steps.  For the other ones, I have various steps to get through.  I’m hoping to finish as many as possible so when I do production, I can do a number of them all at once.

Once these are off my plate, I will go back to writing and crocheting.  I have a number of projects for crocheting that are grumbling at me.  My brain wants to work on them but I haven’t had time.

I have to come up with a name for Wayfarer 9.  I’m considering suggestions from my test readers and what sounds right with the book.  I also have to figure out what I want to do for a cover.

I also need to work on marketing again.  It’s never ending but much needed.  There are times when all the tasks I need to do get to be overwhelming but I just keep plugging away at  it.