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Half a Chapter Left

Wednesday and Thursday I was too tired and sore to write. I worked on other things like promoting and such. But no writing. This of course always makes me a bit grumpy.

Today was a work from home day. So I took a short nap after work. I was worn out. I still am but I managed to write 2500 words tonight. I’m up to a bit over 55K. I’m pleased with my progress but my brain is too tired to finish the current scene.

I’ve got to introduce more of the human women and some of the T’mbarian males. There’s twenty in the scene technically but they won’t all be named. It will be a crowded scene and some gossip will be shared but nothing verifiable. I think a short sex scene after. Then P’lar will be called away.

Not sure how my climax will go yet. I think it will come to me once I’m through the rest of these scenes. I KNOW the final scene. I’ve seen it in my head for quite some time. I know how it will end.

I’m off to bed. I’ve got a half dozen things on my to do list for tomorrow so it will be a busy weekend. Hopefully I can finish this story off this weekend. I think I know how the second book will start but… after this one, I need to do some editing of other stories before I dive into book two. I’ve got the ending for book two and parts of the rest of it… But for now, I need to finish book one.

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Chapter Done

Chapter 10 is finally done! Tonight I was writing and things were going better than I expected but research distracted me. Then I scheduled some promo events and one thing led to another.

Fortunately, I still wrote nearly 1700 words. I finished off the chapter with some sexy time teasers. I’ve got the ideas for the first three sections of the next chapter and I’ve written the ideas in the manuscript. From there we’ll see what the characters decide.

The good thing is I’m at 52,600 for total word count. My chapters are running around 5-6K so this should be about 58K by the time I’m done. I know she will be hurt… maybe bad enough to die. I’m not sure yet. Bad guy will be revealed. All the details aren’t clear yet – but this is normal for me.

I know what the second book will involve, I’m just not sure how it will start yet. While this first book has to end on a happy for now, I also want it clear she’s not all in. He is and in book two, he’ll prove it.

Tomorrow is an in office day for work so I have to get to bed shortly. I doubt I’ll do much writing over the next two days, I’m usually in too much pain. However, I’ll see how the days go.

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Weekend Writing

Today I intended to write for the majority of the day. It didn’t happen. I wanted to finish my first book in this trilogy. I’ve got it here in my head. But I spent a good chunk of my day going through emails which I am at the same number as I was before I went through a ton of emails – how is that possible?

Ava M Taylor’s website got updated today. That was fun. I also worked on tasks like signing up for promotions on book funnel, adding books to book bub and good reads. I added books to lists on goodreads and … well the list goes on and on. Needless to say, none of this got my ending written.

Tonight I worked for two hours on writing. I got partway through one chapter. I’ve got one or two more scenes and then I’ll be done with this chapter. I thought I’d be done in two chapters but I’m wondering if I can fit the rest into one chapter now. I guess I’ll see.

I managed to get almost 3700 words. The story tops over 50K so it’s officially a novel. Now I just need a good ending with a teaser to the next book.

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Need Sleep

Today has been a rough day. Our weather has gone from hot and humid of summer to gray and gloomy with thunderstorms. I love thunderstorms but my joints don’t. Now I don’t know if it’s because I got cold while I worked in the kitchen or if I was going to have a flare no matter what but mid-morning, I realized I was done.

I couldn’t get warm. My pain level skyrocketed which meant I had a headache and was nauseous on top of the pain. It was a rough day.

Ken took over peeling and slicing apples. Vicki basically tucked me into my recliner with three blankets and I took naps. Short and often interrupted with pain. It took several hours before I felt warm. My pain level is still pretty high but not as high.

I managed to writing for a couple hours. I got 3K written and the story is up to 47K. I’ve got 1 or 2 chapters left to write and then I’ll be done.

Tomorrow, I need to go through emails (I’m weeks behind) and do a bunch of book related tasks. Once those are done, I’ll be writing. My hope is to finish the last two chapters but I’ll see how my pain level is and how the day goes.

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Lots of Work

I feel like I got stuff done today at my day job. That’s always a good thing. Now tomorrow will be a day full of meetings and training. It will be a lot of busyness but not a lot of accomplishing things. These are the hardest days. I like to tick off the boxes on my to do list.

Tonight, I finished introducing one of my alien races. Janine got propositioned by the leader of a new world. I got quite a bit done tonight – a little over 3K written taking me to about 45K (just under) for the overall story. I want to ramp up the danger…. but the characters aren’t telling it that way.

So I’ll stay true to my characters. I know there is big danger coming. I’ve got a couple of things cooking but I think this lull needs to happen because I think the ending will be fast paced. I also want some extended writing time. The story is right there in reach.

One thing I want to do is go back through and read it all again. I have a spreadsheet so I can keep track of characters and words and so on. But I know I’ve missed some secondary characters. I think they’re going to be important. So I want to make sure I capture them on my spreadsheet for later.

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A New Week

The weekend was super busy with canning, freezing, and so on. We got a lot done in two short days but it left me exhausted. I didn’t write a lot. I got a bit done here and there but not a lot.

Tonight, we ended up having a late dinner. So people hung out with me longer than normal but I still managed to get a couple hours of writing in.

I’m at almost 42K in the book and tonight I wrote a little over 2700 words. I finished two scenes and started a new chapter. I think this chapter will be them being chased from one planet to the next. But I’m not sure because it just depends on what the characters tell me.

I feel like it might be a bunch of short scenes with them being in danger of capture until they get back to T’mbar. I’ll see where the characters take me. But it’s shaping up nicely. I like the two characters.

Hopefully this week is a bit less crazy and I’ll get some good writing time in. I’m not holding my breath but I am hopeful.

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Long Day

I don’t like mornings on a good day. Today – Saturday! – I was up at 6 am to shower and dress. I do not like 6 am. It is too light to be last night and too early to be today. But we went west to visit the apple orchard my parents went to near Gays Mills.

I drove. Vicki shopped. Alicia and her friend followed in Alicia’s car. We went to the orchard where Vicki got a bushel and half of apples. We went to Rural Route 1, our favorite popcorn place. Then we went to Peck’s – a road side stand for fresh produce. Now that sounds like a little truck or wagon with produce on it. That’s not what this is.

It’s an open market with a ton of produce, games and activities for kids, and more. Vicki picked up tomatoes and sweet corn. My car was full but not packed in.

Today when we got home, we cut up most of the apples and made applesauce which is all in the fridge. Tomorrow we’ll work on canning it. We’ll also be dicing the tomatoes to can. Ken will take the corn off the cob so we can freeze it.

After Ken and Vicki went to bed, I wanted to write. So I pulled up my computer and wrote a scene. Now I’ve got all these dynamic ideas for my story but I’m so tired my head hurts. I did manage to write a couple of scenes (about 1800 words) but I’m too tired to think of all the details of aliens and so on that I need to create. I think it will be an early night for me.

I hope tomorrow I can make some good progress with this story. I have a bunch of things to get done though so we’ll see.

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Short Writing Session

Today I worked in my office for my day job. I came home with high levels of pain. Now I’m fighting a headache and nausea. This is pretty normal for my at the office days. I come home spent from being at the office and not having my recliner to work in.

I want to write but my brain is too foggy. I’ve managed to finish the escape from the bad guys. Next up, they have to get back to his world. She needs to meet different people and find the joy in them.

Tonight I wrote about 1400 words. I’m at about 36,500 words for the whole thing. I’ve got the next scene and a few more just begging to be written but I’m struggling to find words and don’t feel good. I’m setting the computer aside to read a book.

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A Rough Chapter

Well I’ve kidnapped and tortured my characters. They’re in the process of escaping. It was a hard chapter to write. But I think it fits the story well and I hope it will lead to a better understanding between the two.

I’m not sure what time I started writing as I was busy finishing a takeover, talking to authors, and taking care of other book stuff. I think I wrote for about 4 hours! I got 5600 words written and the manuscript is 35K long!

It will be a short night but it was worth it. Next step is for them to escape and then figure out how to get back to his world. This is where I hope to create some wonderful places for them to stop and make some connections. Janine – she’s key at that. Or at least I think she will be.

Now, I’m off to bed because I have the day job tomorrow and an early morning meeting.

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Day Job and Writing

Yesterday I was too tired to write. I did a few chores around the house but spent my morning working on graphics. It was hours of work with only three graphics to show for it. I turned it all over to Vicki. I’ll let her fuss with it.

Today, I went back to my day job and felt behind all day. I also spent an hour working on client editing. Then I spent almost three hours writing.

My characters have been through an emotional wringer while being lost in the forest and pursued by bad guys. I’ve managed almost 3200 words tonight but it’s time for bed.

I’ve got two grumpy characters who are tired of being in the forest and in danger… I can’t wait to see what happens next…

Tomorrow – another chapter for the client and more writing for me – I hope.