Annals of Alasia

In the Double Agent's Service Annals of Alasia Book 6 by Annie Douglas Lima Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure Erik would give his life to protect King Jaymin. However, when an old enemy shows up with new schemes, that may not be enough. Anya longs to be noticed by the king’s handsome bodyguard. But as she … Continue reading Annals of Alasia

Double Crossing the Bridge

Author: Sarah J. Sover Narrator: Christopher J. Dusky Length: 9 hours 10 minutes Publisher: The Parliament House Released: May 26, 2020 Genre: Fantasy; Humor   Rent in New Metta is through the cavern ceiling. When Granu barely survives her first gig teaching students who attempt to fillet her for lunch, the baby-eating troll ends up … Continue reading Double Crossing the Bridge

The Underworld Saga

Thanatos The Underworld Saga Book 1 by Eva Pohler Genre: YA Paranormal Romance Dive into a world in which the ancient gods of Greece are real. Fifteen-year-old Therese watches her parents die. While in a coma, she meets the twin sons of Hades—Hypnos (the god of sleep) and Thanatos (the god of death). She thinks … Continue reading The Underworld Saga

Summer Shorts

Summer Shorts A Sizzling Summer Set of Sixteen Short Stories from the New York Times and USA Today award-winning authors of The Authors’ Billboard: Mimi Barbour, Melinda De Ross, J.L. Saint, Cynthia Cooke, Angela Stevens, Susanne Matthews, Josie Riviera, Katy Walters, Nancy Radke, Susan Jean Ricci, Dani Haviland, Rebecca York, Rachelle Ayala, Aileen Fish, Stacy … Continue reading Summer Shorts

15 Minutes

Author: Larissa Reinhart Narrator: Joan Dukore Length: 10 hours 26 minutes Publisher: 1969 Released: May 28, 2020 Genre: Mystery; Amateur Detective She played a detective on TV, but now that her life depends on it, can Maizie Albright play a detective for real? For fans of romantic comedy mysteries like Meg Cabot's Size 12 Is … Continue reading 15 Minutes

Tier Zero

The Knolan Cycle, Book 1 Science Fiction (First Contact)/Science Fiction (Romance)/Science Fiction (Military) Date Published: November 26, 2019 Publisher: PhoenixPhyre They’re already here, and no one knows about it...yet. Two bedrock assumptions seem to find their way into almost all science fiction tales of first contact between Earth and a hypothetical alien race. The first … Continue reading Tier Zero

The American Holocaust

The American Holocaust by Brady Cruze Genre: Coming of Age Fiction Is the Holocaust really over? That is the question Jacob Rossner has asked himself every day since his family fled Nazi Germany for the United States. Jacob soon discovers that the so-called Promised Land is far from perfect as he journeys from New York … Continue reading The American Holocaust

Express Pursuit

Express Pursuit by Caroline Beauregard Genre: Romantic Thriller Follow Mara Ellington's trip across Europe riding the Orient-Express where she suddenly gets entangled in a complicated terrorist attack threat. As she rushed down London’s Victoria Station, feisty Air Traffic Controller Mara Ellington fought her apprehensions about this journey. It was no longer the trip of a … Continue reading Express Pursuit

Dolphin Way

Author: Mark Caney Narrator: Mark Caney Length: 9 hours 8 minutes Publisher: Ocean Orb Publishing Released: May 14, 2020 Genre: Fantasy We share this planet with another intelligent race. They communicate fluently, have a society, a culture. They live in harmony with their world, but it is a harmony that is being torn apart by … Continue reading Dolphin Way


Fractured by J.A. Wynters Genre: Romance Who knew hiding from a pandemic would be easier than hiding from the man you despise? A forced emergency landing in the middle of nowhere forces Kate Bourke and Josh Thompson into quarantine for the next two weeks. Stuck in a tiny hotel room, there’s nowhere to hide from … Continue reading Fractured