New Crochet Patterns!

There are six new crochet patterns available on Amazon and Smashwords.  They will be available more places in a couple of days.  These have been done patterns but I just haven’t had time to go through all the steps for publishing.  I hope you like them.  

Thread Bookmarks
Need a small gift? Looking for items to make for a craft fair? Try these eight easy bookmarks. Made with crochet cotton, they work up quick allowing you to build inventory.

Braided Scarf
For the beginner, this pattern is easy to assemble while offering a stunning end product. The chain group weaves into a braided look for this extra long scarf.

Spiral Hat
Round and round you go, working two colors in tandem. This styling hat is warm and fun.

Tree Hanging
Made with single crochet, this wall hanging adds a seasonal touch to any room. Use the copper (as shown) for a fall flare, or green for a summer flare. Use white or silver for a winter look and spring, simply add some small light green French knots.

Triangular Doily
Light and different, this doily works up nicely to provide a beautiful decoration for any room. Worked in crochet cotton size 10, this is durable as well as decorative.

Triple Triangle Afghan
Worked with triple crochets, this works up in under twelve hours.  The pattern is easy for the beginner and makes a beautiful blanket for your home or as a gift.

Crochet Weekend

Today is going to be a crochet day.  I think I have three episodes of Midsomer Murders left so I’ll probably finish off those while I work on crocheting.  My goal this weekend is to finish some socks and work on a blanket.  If I manage to finish all of those, I’ll look again at the list of themes for the publication I submit to.

It’s going to be a rough day for me.  I’ve had very little sleep though I did turn in early (especially for me).  I woke up at 1:45 and haven’t really been back to sleep since.  I see a nap in my future.

Once I get these projects done, I do want to look at the themes and see what I come up with for other crochet projects I can submit for consideration.  Since I’ve been finishing up Wayfarer Resolve, I’ve not looked at them in a couple weeks.

Now Wayfarer Resolve is done, I’m working on rereading a manuscript I was working on.  I’m hoping I can finish it.  I’m also in prep mode for the reader event next month – holy mackerel it four weeks from today!  This weekend I want to do an inventory of books so I can order any I may need for the event.

I’ve got a couple crochet patterns I want to work on so I can publish them as well.  This is mostly getting them in the right format and then once I publish put them post them on Ravelry as well.

Well I’m off to work on slipper socks.  Since it’s gray and gloomy outside, it’s a perfect day to stay inside and crochet.

Bulging To Do List

I’ve been working on a story almost non-stop for several months.  I like how it’s developing.  I like how it changed from what I thought it was going to be.  It was flowing nicely and then life got complicated.

As is usually the case, my brain can only handle so many tasks and then it rebels.  In this case, every time I open my document, I read through, do edits, and come to the end.  I may write a paragraph or two or even as much as a scene but then blank.  The problem – so many things on my to do list.

I separate my life into segments.  There’s the business of writing which involves marketing, prepping for publication, creating covers, and so on; writing; crocheting; editing (paid or for myself) and then other.  Obviously I’m not including personal here because that is always ongoing. 

My process is always affected by how much I have going on in these sectors.  I can write and write and write until I have three or four or more manuscripts waiting to be edited.  There’s a tipping point.  I think the most I had at one point was six.  Then I switch from writing (incessantly) to editing.  Some of these things go on no matter what – like the marketing.  I try to do some every day.  At the same time I’m looking at crocheting as well.  I want to do a sale in December but I’m trying to judge whether I will have enough time to make enough for a sale or not.  Then the question becomes would my books draw enough money to make a profit after I pay for the table.  Initially I was thinking of having both my books and my crocheting but I am not sure at this point.  I feel I need to make a decision soon.

The only way that decision is going to get made is if I get a couple of my current crochet projects done and off my plate.  This would mean a few nights a week I would devote to crocheting items for the sale.  Part of the problem is I don’t know how much and what to make.  I’d rather have too much than too little.  So many things rolling around in my head.

Right now, I’m trying to focus on getting stuff done.  I had stalled on one item I was working on because I didn’t like the options I had for part of the project.  Last night I figured out what I liked and wanted.  Now I have to check to make sure the end user will like it as well.  Then it’s a matter of finishing that part and figuring out one more part.  Once it’s done, I need to take pictures and send it off for submission to a publication.  I’m hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow night.  Then I’m back on the blanket I’ve been working on.

I’ve got a book I’ve been keeping track of things in.  I realized I wasn’t carrying it and it was causing problems because I wasn’t keeping up with things.  It is now back in my backpack to help keep me on track – I hope. 

I finished a read through on Wayfarer Resolve – which I wanted published in August but it wasn’t ready.  I want to wait a day or three to let it settle, then I will do one more read through before I work on publishing.  I’m hoping before the end of September at this point. 

New Pages and Other News

If you have been here before, you’ll notice new pages.  There is a page for interviews.  I’ve got my first one posted featuring Lauren Alder.  I’ve got another one ready (or nearly) for the next interview.  I’ve got feelers out to authors.  If you are an author or an editor or even a publisher, contact me to do an interview.  I want to feature people in writing and publishing.

I had a lovely blog tour and am happy with the results.  Because of that, I’ve signed up to try featuring blog tours on here.  I’m going to see how it goes.  I’m being selective because I’m busy and don’t want to overload myself.  You should totally check out the blog tour page.  There’s a giveaway that goes with it.

This weekend has been busy with errands and other craziness.  I’m working on two crochet projects to get them ready to submit for publication.  I’ve been working on Wayfarer Resolve.  I got a round of editing done but again, lots of changes in it so I’m probably going to do a read through only on it before I start publishing.  I’m pleased with it but I’ve made a lot of changes to it so it needs another read.

I’ve got a list of crochet projects to get done for custom orders.  I have the yarn, I just need the time to get the work done.  They are on my list.

I’ve been busy with paid editing and some freelance work.  This always shoves my work to the side but the freelance work is done (I think) and the paid editing is on a pause.  It’s time for me to get things done for me.  I have a long list (when don’t I?) which includes publishing crochet patterns.

One thing I want to add to my list is a look at hashtags and how to use them.  I’ve never really understood them but a fellow author recommended using them in instagram.  I discovered in short order how effective they are.

Today I’m going to work on posting some more stuff but then I will be hitting the recliner to finish (I hope) a project for submission and work on either another submission or some of my requests.  Though there is a particular skein of yarn which is calling to me.

Which End Is Up?

My goal has been to get more patterns published.  I submitted three patterns and one got accepted!  Yeah!  Last night I worked on a pattern and the pattern is complete I need to finish the crocheting so I can take a picture and submit the pattern.

I have so many ideas for patterns right now but I’ve got a plate and a half full.  I’m going to have to keep myself in check and be cautious about what I start.  I’d rather look forward and make attempts.  I am working on a blanket for one of the issues – I am really liking how it is turning out.

We are building a new pantry in our kitchen.  Ken tore out the old pantry today.  Hopefully by next weekend we will have new ones.  Under normal circumstances, we are usually pretty frugal.  However, we are spending a little more money on the shelves because we want specific things in this pantry.  If we’re going to the expense of redoing the pantry, I don’t want small shelves in there or ones I’m going to have to replace every few years.  I want good sturdy shelves which will hold up and expand my space drastically.

I’m in the middle of projects, not just crocheting but writing, editing, and others.  I’ve got a chapter to review in the next Wayfarer novel.  My beta readers have told me what I already knew – this one section of the book was rough and needs work.  I’m giving it work.  I don’t want to rush publication and have readers be unhappy.  I have a manuscript I’m making progress on.  I was not getting the scenes clear in my head so I wasn’t writing but then it occurred to me what needed to happen.  Now I have to make the time to write the scenes while they are in my head.  I’ve got one more manuscript waiting in the editing box.  It also needs work so it will be slow going on the edits I’m sure.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish the two freelance projects fairly quickly.  It will bring in money to cover some bills and pay for the pantry.  Then I’ll move on to the books.  I’m feeling overwhelmed right now but I know this will pass as I get things done.

Royal Undercover is still on tour.  I am quite excited about it.  I hope this improves sales and awareness of my books.  Only time will tell.

One Step at a Time

Frustration abounds for me right now.  There are a lot of things happening for me with my writing.  I’ve got a sale going on through Smashwords, a blog tour coming up in less than a week, and a reader event I’m trying to get organized to go to. 

Each of these has many steps and components I need to pay attention to.  Meaning – get busy and work on them.  I’ve finished making the star coasters.  I started making bibs per a request from my daughter.  I decided if I was making bibs, I might as well design them so I can publish a leaflet.  I’ve got ideas for each.  The first one turned out FABULOUS!  I have five or six more designs I want to try as well as having one started. 

There are all these steps and each time I work on a different one, I think I should be working on eight other steps.  I keep reminding myself I can only do one or two things at a time but my manager in my head (who is a slave driver) keeps telling me to do MORE!!!!

It’s difficult for me to sit down to crochet for hours because in my head I’m thinking – I need to do this and that and ten other things.  For instance, I have all the components for the 100 gift bags.  Next step, assemble them.  Okay – I need to get them all in one place.  I need to punch holes in the bookmarks and gift card and then attach (how am I attaching them?) all of them together. 

This task leads me to the gift basket I want to get ready – I have to make a decision on whether I’m crocheting something or not.  Along with this crochet project, I’m trying to crochet things for publication… the list is endless. 

I know I’m in overload when I sit down with the intentions of working and my brain can’t settle on one thing so I end up playing a game on my phone.  My to do list helps but insomnia doesn’t.  I know the key to success – prioritize and delegate.  My daughters step in and help. 

The other night, I got a video call from the two in Georgia.  They wanted to show me some things they made.  The two of them worked on some good stuff for me to take with me in November to have on my table for a giveaway!  I didn’t ask them to but they went ahead and made them.  They looked super cute and I LOVED them.  It was so sweet and helpful. 

Ultimately I’m busy – over busy right now.  I need to let go the frustration, keep reminding myself one thing at a time, and keep moving forward.  Now I need to stop thinking seven or a hundred steps ahead and focus.  I need to remember I’ll get stuff done and things will slow down.  I keep thinking – take a deep breath and relax. 

Back at the Grindstone

With nine days off, you would think I got a lot accomplished.  I did when it comes to spending time with my girls but off my to-do list?  Not so much.

I got 70 stars made but I need to get 30 more done.  I’d like to get them done sooner rather than later.  But it wasn’t this past weekend.  I guess I’ll take them to work with me so I can work on them during my lunch hour.

I still have a shawl to do and I have an idea on how I want to do it but I have to see how I think it will work out.  Part of me is itching to get these two projects off my list.  I know I have two more right on the heels of it which are both started.

The good thing is I got edits on the computer for the next Wayfarer book but I didn’t get the second Wild Magic book edited.  That stays in my bag to work on.

Oh and if that isn’t enough, the girls brought home this fun, addicting game called Ticket to Ride – which is about building trains on all sorts of maps.  We found out there’s a version of it I can have on my phone.  This is a mistake but it’s on my phone.  Oh my goodness – I can’t stop playing.  Saturday night I stayed up till 1 in the morning playing it and I didn’t notice time passing.  I’m going to have to be firm with myself because I have too many other things to do.

On Facebook I’ve been seeing snippets from JD Robb’s books.  It made me want to read them.  I got through the first three in no time.  I’ve got a Dragon book I’m reading too.  I like the premise of the dragon books (and who doesn’t love dragons?) but there is a touch too much repetition for me.  There are 64 chapters in the book I’m reading but they are short chapters.  I’m sort of interested but it doesn’t hold my attention.  I’ll get through it eventually and I’m hoping there’s a tipping point where I get enthralled in the story to the point where I can’t put it down but I’m not holding my breath.  On the JD Robb books, I’m not sure whether I’m going to reread the whole series (she has a new one coming put in September) or not but I thoroughly enjoyed the ones I’ve read so far.  I’m also reading a review book.  I need to struggle my way through the end of it and write the review.  Then I have two or three more to read for reviews.  I hope they are better than I expect.

Catch Up

It’s been a busy week.  I’ve gotten some of my writing stuff done but mostly spent time with family.  My daughters came to visit.  We played this new game called Ticket to Ride.  It was fun.  On the surface it was simple – pick tickets and build your trains from one station to the next.  Then as you get playing you realize there are strategies involved.  For instance, when to pick more tickets?  How many trains do you have to build your trains?  We’ve spent the most time playing this game and having a great time.

This weekend will be about getting the errands done.  The nice thing is both Vicki and I are off so we will be doing a lot of the errands tomorrow.  On Saturday we will be going to Ikea and a phone place to look at phones for mom – one for the hearing impaired.

I still have edits to put on the computer and editing to do on a manuscript.  I’m crossing my fingers to get part of that done yet.

I have gotten 70 of the 100 coasters made for the event in November.  I’m hoping by the end of the weekend I’ll finish them.  Then I have to work on the raffle gift basket I need to send with it. I also need to consider submissions for crochet projects.  I’ve got one done so I’m going to try to take pictures of it and send them to the publisher.  My priorities there are coasters, shawl (for submission), gift raffle item, and then other projects for submission.  

I’m also prepping for a blog tour.  Royal Undercover is going on a tour of blogs.  This will be my first one.  I’m very excited about it.

Nine Day Weekend?

I’m on a streak!  I recently won three books!  Hopefully they will be good books and I will enjoy them.  The question will be how will I fit them into my schedule.

One is a physical book and I think the other two are ebooks.  I’m going to have to ask my daughter to help me with those so I can read them easily on my phone.  If I can read them on my phone, I’m more likely to get through them as my kindle is somewhere and maybe not working. 

I’ve got the next nine days off and can’t wait.  I’m sure it will be relaxing – though not likely to involve a lot of outdoor time.  Our temps are in the 90s and heat index hovers over 100.  Not my idea of a good time.  Maybe I can sneak in some time in the mornings – even though it isn’t my favorite time of day. 

Even with the holiday, I’m hoping to get some writing time.  In one of the stories I’m working on, I need to step back and maybe redo a complete scene.  I’m not liking where I’ve ended up.  I may have to sacrifice what I’ve written which in a rough draft I have a hard time doing.  I’ve lost the flow though so it may be necessary.

I’ve got two books I’m hoping to get the edits for the one on the computer and the editing done on the other one.  I’ll have to see as there will be a lot of family time going on over the next week. 

Next Friday, Vicki and I will run all the errands for the weekend.  I’m hoping we will get them all done so the rest of the weekend will be an actual weekend. 

Crossing Off

Last night I wrote until 2 am.  You would think I would be able to sleep in.  Nope, eyes popped open early and while I attempted to sleep some more, I only dozed.  I was still up by 7:30.  I was determined to get things done today.

I tackled my desk.  I organized paperwork by filing a bunch and stacking in a pile more.  This pile I have to figure out a solution for.  I’m handling all of my mother’s paperwork so I need to figure out where I’ll keep it.  I have it in my top drawer in the file cabinet next to me but the drawer is full.  It’s difficult to put more in there.  I’m going to have to figure out where to go with it so it remains convenient.

I paid her bills, ordered items she needs, and sent a text to my sisters to ask them to check her stock when they visit.  I’ve been a bad (ish?) daughter as I haven’t visited her.  It started six weeks ago with laryngitis, shifted to a kidney stone (not contagious but I was in too much pain), flu and now upper respiratory crud.  I’m toxic and am not visiting my mother.

I worked on my bills, sales info and facebook for writing discussions on this new group I’m on.  I wrote two book reviews and sent them to the person who requested them.  I wrote a blog posting for Witches & Pagans.  I updated my sales spreadsheet.

My daughter made lunch so I had lunch with Ken and Vicki.  It was nice to put my feet up and kick back for an hour though my eyes thought they should close and my brain thought it should sleep.  I made it stay awake.  I put the dirty clothes down the laundry chute so Vicki can do laundry.

Then I tackled posting eight crochet patterns on Ravelry.  I’m writing this blog and then I get to go back to the story I was working on last night until 2 am.  I’m hoping the flow continues as it was working nicely.

My list got handled!  I got a lot done and as I read this I think I deserve a nap… nap or writing… hmmm I’ll have to see if the writing goes well.

Now I still have a long list of crocheting, writing, editing, and other things to get done.  I’m trying to savor the moment.  I got to throw out two post its!

Tomorrow will be prep for breakfast and lunches and then back to my list – I hope.  I’m going to try to take it easy tomorrow and see what mischief I get up to.