Wayfarer Evolution and Other Good News!

It’s done!  It’s published!  I’m really excited about this one.  I think the story turned out really good.  I’m pleased with the end result.

Here is a synopsis of it:

With the retreat of the Hettians to their own space, Adara is left to face the day to day running of the Wayfarers.  With Oakes’ reassurance and Decker’s support, she plans to take the new ship and explore their sectors.  A visit from Dalina of the Tuscalains and trouble in Hometown, Adara’s escape is delayed.
Adara settles into having four children but worries she isn’t giving them enough time while she is Mathair Naclan.  Consulting with Oakes, she and Decker plan to return to space so she can explore their sectors. 
Unrest with the Humans only group causes conflict and violence in Hometown.  Adara’s children and family are threatened.  Adara’s assistants are attacked, which leads to their first trial.  Due to her involvement with the victims, Adara stays on the sideline of the trial. 

Back in space, Adara settles into running the Wayfarers and exploring space.  She finds comfort and excitement in learning how to delegate and balance her life.  But the conflict isn’t resolved and follows her.  Will the bigotry continue?

Here are the links where it is available so far:

This week I also got my Braided Scarf pattern published in Happily Hooked Crochet magazine (issue 51).  If you want to check out the magazine, it’s available here.  The Braided Scarf is a gorgeous gray and purple sparkly yarn which turned out beautifully.  

I’m jumping up and down for joy but only for a little while because I still have work to do!  Crochet patterns to publish and post on Ravelry, edits to enter in the computer, and a long long list of projects to work on.  

Quick & Easy Throws

As I make gifts, I usually write my own patterns.  These throws were made for gifts for student workers and for one of my daughters. 

All four of these I crocheted in under 12 hours.  They work up quickly because you use a large hook and the yarn is so thick.  More than that, they are gorgeous and a wonderful gift.

Here’s a little more information:

Five throws which can be done in a weekend.  Each of these throws are simple patterns and work up quickly.  Four of them are made with Bernat Bundle Brights and the fifth is made with Buttercream Luxe Craft Mohair Metallic purple, blue & silver.  These make an impact when given as gifts.  They are warm, easy to make, and fit any color scheme.

You can check out my web page or Amazon or Smashwords

I usually end up binge watching something while I crochet projects like this.  I think I was watching Midsommer Murders while I worked on the four for my student workers.  The one for my daughter I worked on while we were in Georgia. 

Long Weekend

Three days off was nice but it makes for an odd start to the week.  It’s Tuesday already and I feel like I’m behind but I’m not. 

The weekend was busy.  Vicki and I did the errands.  This included grocery shopping, visit to the butcher, Walmart, Aldis, and Hobby Lobby.  We grabbed lunch on the run and took it home.  This was all on Saturday.  Sunday we spent the morning doing food prep.  I repackaged a bunch of stuff for lunches and breakfasts.  Monday I made fruit salad and finished the few things we missed on Sunday. 

On the writing front, I wrote a little since finishing the last novel.  I did get through a paper edit of Wayfarer Evolution and started a paper edit of Wayfarer Resolve.  Monday morning I managed to get some publishing done (see previous post). 

I figured out what I want to do for goody bags for the event in November.  I started crocheting coasters.  I have ten done of the hundred I’ll need.  Fortunately, it’s a quick pattern.  I plan to expand the pattern into a shawl and make one for the gift basket I’ll send in for the raffle. 

My neighbor stopped over and wanted some more books.  I gave her three more.  I hope she enjoys them.  She started with Secret Past.  She said she’s not a fan of science fiction and most of mine are in that genre so I’ll see whether she continues to read my books. 

I’ve got a list of crocheting I want to get done.  I still need to upload several patterns to Ravelry.  I’m hoping I’ll have time to do that next weekend.  My to do list got things crossed off but not nearly as much as I would have liked. 

Ken worked on the patio we are putting in.  With the temps being over 90, he got some done but it was too hot for that kind of work.  Hopefully this next weekend he will be able to get more done.  I sat outside for a while but the bugs and the heat drove me back inside.

New Crochet Patterns Published and a Free Short Story

It’s been a busy weekend.  Saturday was errands and shopping.  Sunday was food prep (though there will more of that today).  Today I’ve been working on publishing some of my crochet patterns.  I had lost one of the patterns for my Coverall Bibs and last night I found it!  I had actually hand written it – unusual for me because I normally do them on my phone.

This morning I sat down to my computer and got to work on publishing some of the patterns.  Here’s a run down of them.

Coverall Bibs

Two patterns for large bibs to cover the entire front of a baby or alternatively use as a super cape.

Messy babies need a bib to cover all of their shirt.  These two patterns create a large bib to protect the entire front of baby.  Bonus!  Toddlers can use these as super kid capes! Made with crochet cotton these are easily washed and very durable.  A small project easily made in an evening.
Point of No Return Cap
Need a warm cap?  Two skeins of yarn and a couple hours will net you a lovely cap.
Caron Simply Soft Party is a soft and warm yarn with a bit of sparkle.  Used to create this hat, it creates a lovely and warm hat for any occasion.  This pattern works up quickly allowing you to make a lovely hat in an evening.
Simple Set
Is it cold out?  Here’s a hat and scarf set which works up fast and is soft and beautiful.
Made with a large hook and chunky soft yarn, this hat and scarf set is the perfect pattern for a beginner.  It works up quickly and creates a soft, beautiful scarf and hat.
Links for purchasing will be available on my website
I’m also running a free book on Smashwords.  Use this code to get the short story for free DF76F

Bouncing Around in My Head

The long weekend looms ahead.  I’m in need of some down time.  Now my original plans were to work on cleaning out the basement.  That is not happening.  Doing the stairs is hard enough, doing the stairs when I can’t breath well is nearly impossible.

Instead we are going to try to cram all the errands into Saturday.  Then Sunday and Monday will be down time.  Or for me it will be working on writing, editing, and publishing.  I’m very close to finishing another manuscript.  I cannot wait.  I’m truly excited to finish this one off.

I have a  number of crochet patterns I want to get edited and published.  I also need to upload them to Ravelry.  I’ve got one pattern I need to make sure I’ve got correct and then I need to work on another which people have asked me for.  I’ll have to see what it costs me to make in order to figure out what to charge them.  The Lacy Cap in the picture is recently published and I love the material. 

I’m thinking about creating a pattern which will link to my Wayfarer books.  I know I’m crazy right?  Adara (character in the book) is always crocheting… it seems like a good fit.  I’ll have to see how my time goes. 

There are so many things rushing through my head I need three of me to keep up with all of them.  It’s okay – I like it this way for the most part.  Unless I’m trying to sleep.  I’m feeling a strong need to make a list which I think I already have one or two in one of my notebooks so I should go look and add to it. 

Hopefully a quiet weekend at home means I get a lot accomplished and some of this stuff stops bouncing around in my head. 

I MUST Write!

I’m half done with the last present for my student workers.  Tonight I’ll probably get one more skein done unless I decide to stay up really late to work on it.  Then tomorrow will be me finishing it.  After I’m done with all four, I need to take pictures so I can work on publishing the patterns. 

My middle daughter wants to go to Madison to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens so I think we’re doing that first thing in the morning.  It should be a nice time wandering around the gardens.  I’ve been there once before for a friend’s wedding. 

Currently, I’ve got five stories bouncing around in my head.  I’ve made a start with four of them and the fifth one I’m hoping to get at least the opening two scenes down on paper.  I see them like a movie playing over and over in my head so I know I need to get them written. 

While writing has been somewhat on the back burner for me, it is flipping now to me wanting to get all the stories in my head down on paper (or more precisely in the computer).  Last night I couldn’t sleep so I pulled out my phone and texted myself ideas in an effort to get them out of my head.  Now they are sitting in my email waiting for me to work them up in the different stories.

At the same time, I did rewrites on two Wayfarer novels.  I’ve reread, did a grammar check and other editing tasks on Wayfarer Evolution.  It’s almost ready to start the publishing process.  I’m hoping to publish first part of June. 

The other rewrite I did was pretty major and I thought of another scene I want to include in it, so I will write that up.  Once I get that written, I’ll start the editing process again.  In all likelihood, I’ll reread it first, then do my searches, and print.  I’ve added 7000-8000 words so it was a pretty big change.  In order to put out a quality book, I feel the editing process needs to start over. 

While I’m working on all of that, I still have these other five stories bouncing around so I need writing time.  Since I’ve been crocheting, I’ve been rewatching Midsomer Murders but those will go on hold now as I switch from crocheting to writing.  However, I still have several projects I want to get done so maybe I’ll pick a night or two a week and crochet in order to make progress on all fronts.  If only I could do both – write and crochet at the same time. 

In addition to the writing, rewriting, editing, and crocheting I have to do, I have several crochet patterns I want to get published.  I also have a batch which I need to get loaded onto Ravelry.  It all takes time which I need to schedule so I can get all these things done.  Sleep might be overrated.

What to do with my weekend?

Is it the weekend yet?  This week feels like it has dragged on and on – maybe because of the two snow storms.  In my head, I’m starting my weekend to do list.  I have a list of projects to work on for publishing, crochet projects (gifts to get done soon), and household stuff to do. 

With four of my student workers graduating, I need to finish their gifts.  I am half done.  I’ve started the third one and am hoping to complete it this weekend.  Once those are done, I have two more afghans, a shawl, and two dresser scarves to finish.  Three of the five projects are started so first I’ll work on completing the started ones. 

I started the third project and designing is always trial and error.  I got the start of it, did a sequence of stitches – didn’t like so I tore them out.  I did that three times before I set the project aside.  The following night I started again, did a sequence, liked it but four rows into it, I wanted more variety so I changed it up a bit.  I thought – I’m going to end up tearing this out but as I experimented, I realized, I liked how it was turning out.  Design created – finally. 

At some point, I need to look at my tasks for publishing and start prioritizing them.  I’ve been crocheting a lot which means I’ve been creating my own designs.  I need to get them organized so I can the patterns published.  At the same time I have the next Wayfarer novel (Wayfarer War) to publish.  I’m doing my first reader event in November and I need to look at what I need to have on hand for that and start purchasing so I can spread the costs out over the next few months.

There is a lot of stuff rattling around in my head.  I’ve got two stories whispering to me.  I’m fairly certain they will go from whispering to screaming before too long.  There are other sequels I want to get written as well.  Summer is always a productive time for me for writing so I’m hoping to get a lot done by the end of August. 

For the weekend, I hope I can plow through some of my to do list.  It isn’t a pay week so we shouldn’t have a lot of errands.  I don’t have a lot of paperwork to go through for mom.  I don’t have a lot of my own paperwork so I’m hoping lots will be accomplished either in crocheting or publishing or both.  Hopefully both. 

What to work on first?

Project are swarming me.  I have one more I want to finish for submitting for publication.  I have three graduation gifts to finish and then I have to turn back to the blankets I am working on for my niece and great nephew. 

From there I have a mental list of things I want to get done.  At the same time, Vicki has a hoard of yarn she wants me to work with and create things for her.  I have a couple of ideas in my head for some of the yarn in my living room.  I know what I want to do – I just have to make the time to do. 

I’m always amused with myself when I look at yarn and think – oooo this is what I want to do.  The trick will be in making what I see in my head actually turn out with my crochet hook. 

We are going to a paint night this month which will be fun but it will also make me want to paint more.  I love playing with the colors.  I’m not as good with paint as I am with yarn.  Nowhere near the quality but there’s something about painting that takes me to a different place. 

I’m feeling guilty because I’ve started reading my Wayfarer series and just want to finish it but I really should be crocheting.  I only have five books left in the published series but I do need to publish the next one.  So many steps involved in that but I want to try to get it out this month. 

Yarn! Caron One Pound

Caron One Pound Yarn, Pale Royal BlueOne of my favorite things is yarn.  I know it’s weird and most people don’t understand it.  There’s something about yarn that makes me think in projects.

My middle daughter and I went to the grand opening of the new Joann’s store in our home town.  The three aisles of yarn were wonderful!  I loved looking at the Caron One Pounder – they had a bunch of vibrant colors.  Caron One Pound is a good sturdy yarn which makes almost anything.  It works wonderfully for afghans, clothing, stuffed animals, pillows.  It’s a good all purpose yarn which comes in a large variety of solid colors.  In the store, they displayed several colors organized beautifully.  I wanted to buy 1 of each and make an afghan or a dozen other things.

The nice thing about the one pounder is you get 16 ounces of yarn so not a lot of joining new skeins if you’re working on a smaller project.  Even a bigger project requires fewer number of joins.  The price is fairly reasonable.  Online I saw it priced from $7 – $9.99.  The per ounce price is about $0.62.  This is a good buy for good yarn.

The One Pounder is not as soft as the Simply Soft but it is still a good quality yarn.  This is a worsted weight yarn – meaning it is not small like thread or baby yarn nor large like Bernat Blanket.  For crochet, you would probably use a G – J size hook for projects.

Non-Birthday Day Off

I’ve got three days off work before my day job goes crazy with advising.  It’s my non birthday year, today is my “birthday”.  At least somewhere between today and tomorrow my birthday lands.  My to do list is enough to keep me busy for a month (or longer).  But I’m tackling things one at a time.

This morning I slept later than normal – that was on my to do list.  I’m going to attempt to do the same tomorrow.  I got dressed – very reluctantly.  I’m going out later, so I guess clothes are necessary.  I finished two crochet projects.  Now all I need is some pictures and I can publish the patterns.  I worked on budget and bills.  I paid most of them but my check isn’t in my account until tomorrow – so I’ll pay the rest tomorrow.  I brought current my reports for my writing – sales, commission to TJ, adding in the new crochet pattern, and other things.

My goal was to be back in the recliner by 12:00 – it is now past that time.  However, I did play backgammon and some card games on my computer.  Maybe that gives me a little leeway.  I was supposed to get the two areas cleared that are still cluttered in my office.  As of right now, all I’ve managed to do is get the filing done.  I hate filing.  However the folders are made, the files are cleaned out.  I had two years of taxes which needed to come out – not sure how that happened I’m usually really diligent about taking the old out when I put the new in but it did happen.  I had all seven years in one file and separated them into individual files.

Ava – my middle daughter’s youngest cat – lay on the stand for most of the morning.  She liked me – or at least that is the interpretation I’m putting on it.  Really I was in her sun room and annoying her with my work.  I’m waffling between hitting the recliner and doing crocheting or moving forward with the office.  My legs will be the determining factor.  My fear is I’ll end up moving from one pile to the next and that is simply not acceptable.

I have my birthday journal entry to write.  It is my birthday and it is right here and it would be good to write it now and not put it off for three months (or when I get to it.  I started this in 2007 and wrote it in every year since (except I missed it in 2013 & 2015).  Last year my entry was short and crabby.  Maybe this year can be better.  My goal with this is to summarize how I feel about the previous year.

At the very least I’ve gotten some thing accomplished today.  I’ve got two more days off and then the weekend so hopefully I’ll mark off a lot on my to do list.