Five More Work Days!!

Five more days!  Yet another countdown for me, I have five more work days to get through and then I will have off until the 15th.  This is very exciting for a number of reasons.  Vacation is always good.  Holiday pay is always good.  The two girls coming from Georgia is wonderful.  Time off is great.

One of my goals for this next vacation is to not set the alarm clock for at least two days.  I’ll probably do that at the beginning of the vacation because as I get closer to going back to work I have to work back into my normal routine. 
Fourth of July we will probably spend getting ready for the girls’ visit.  Then they come on the 5thand will be here until the 10th.  After that I’ll be in vacation mode.  This means I hope that I’ll be writing a lot.  My goal is to get several chapters done in my one novel.  I also want to start editing the first book. 
In addition to the writing, I would like to pull out my list of publishers and work on doing some submissions.  I haven’t done any in a while.  I have two articles ready for one publication and hope to meet the deadline on them.  After that I need to update my work list spreadsheet and clear out my emails of the rejections.  Then I have to look at my spreadsheet to see what old submissions I have that I haven’t gotten a response on. 
Hopefully in the cleaning and getting ready portion of the vacation I’ll have time to clean my office a bit so it is more organized and less chaotic.  If I get that done it makes it much easier to do the submissions.


My week of vacation ends on father’s day.  Ken has gotten to talk to all his daughters so that is good.  I have so much left on my to do list but I feel good about the week off.  I got stuff done I wanted to and I feel more relaxed and able to cope with life in general. 

I’m sure that tomorrow will be chaotic and busy.  I’m hoping not to have too many emails and voicemails I have to deal with.  However, today I’m not going to think about it.

Today I’m going to work on stuff I want to – it is still my vacation.  I started two new crochet projects.  One is a sweater for Vicki and the other is a small afghan (large shawl) for Beth.  The yarn for Beth’s is exquisite but very expensive.  So far I’m loving the pattern.  It is working up quickly which is always a bonus.  I’m also enjoying working on Vicki’s sweater.  The pattern is also easy and I think will work up quickly.  The thing with her project though is I will have to work on it only when she is around because it will involve figuring out how to custom fit it to her.  When I’ve done it once I’ll write it up so I know for the next time if she likes it enough to repeat the pattern.

I spent time on Pinterest this morning.  It is definitely an addicting site.  I was also on  Both of these sites are very distracting.  I could look at crochet stuff forever.  So many great patterns and not nearly enough time to work on them all. 


This week I’m on a stacation as everyone is calling it now.  I’m not going in to work but hanging out at home.  Over the weekend I got some more of Stephanie’s afghan done.  I’m down to about two and a half rows.  One of my goals this week is to finish it. 

I’ve already written one article and found another that I want to revise for submission to a publication.  Plus I’ve been working on editing my manuscript.  I’m very close to where I think the second book will end.  I think just a few more chapters. 

Last night (I guess I should say this morning) I went to bed just before two because I was working on the editing.  I set my alarm for six hours.  When it went off I reset it for an hour later because I woke up with a headache and it was raining.  I love to sleep in the rain, it is very soothing and calming for me.

Sasha started whining and meowing outside my door after the alarm went off the second time.  Apparently she thought I’d slept enough.  When I finally got up she joined me in the bathroom for her morning pet (the second time as I was up at 6:30).  She is spoiled. 

Today I was going to work on my books but I think instead I’m going to work on writing.  I need a shower at some point- probably after Vicki is up.  I’ll make the most of the quiet time I get until she gets up. 

The exciting events of the day will be writing and maybe movie watching in order to work on Stephanie’s afghan.  It may sound boring to a lot of people but I’m quite excited to have the down time to do what I want, to sleep as I please, and to just be without demands on me.

Hiding Out

I’ve been hiding out for the last month.  School ended and I got two A’s in my classes. Yeah!!  But after I was so stressed out I retreated into escapism.  I’ve been watching tv, playing facebook games, reading and crocheting.  I just needed some down time from everything. 

In the last week I’ve started to do other things as well.  I’m back to writing and working on projects that I would LOVE to finish over the summer.  I went back into one project and realized it was 580 pages (double spaced) total of about 170,000 words.  I recently read that the average novel is about 64,000 words.  This means I have nearly three novels in this one project.  I’ve been rereading the first part and falling in love with the project all over again.  I’m trying to find a good cut off point so I can start working on completing the first novel and send it out to the world of publishers.  At the same time I want to keep working on the end of the story.  Rereading it helps refresh my memory of where I started and where I’m going.  I was thinking I would work on a couple of projects like this over the summer but it might be too much to do all of that. 
On the creative side of this though is that I may find myself drawn to a different story (there are currently three or four bouncing around in my head) and may want to work on something else.  The one thing I need to stop doing is staying up till one or two in the morning writing or playing on the computer. 
I have a week off coming up.  I’m looking forward to that.  I’d like to get my books cataloged and organized.  I’d also like to get my craft room organized so it is less junk room and more craft room.  Vicki will be gone volunteering for two days so I’ll have the house to myself on those days.  I am hoping to make those writing days.  I also want to see if I can get Stephanie’s afghan finished.  I’m down to like four and a half rows.  I think this will mean that I watch DVDs for a day (or more) to try to get it done.  I’m finishing up a smaller project right now and then I’ll go back to the afghan. 
We got new living room furniture.  Our old furniture was falling apart and so we got new.  I’m enjoying it so far.  We got a sofa and loveseat with recliners.  This meant that we cleared out and rearranged the living room.  It looks so much better now.  The craft stuff for Vicki and I are in one corner tucked out of the way.  It will get messy again I’m sure as we craft regularly – Vicki crafts daily. 

Return from Vacation

While I had guest bloggers covering two weeks ago, I was on vacation and getting a ton of homework and other things done.  I enjoyed my very productive week off work. 

I haven’t enjoyed my return from vacation.  It was the week from hell at work.  There were miscommunications, registration issues, problems and more problems.  I’m used to that, I try to just go with it but for some reason this last week I just wanted to throw something against the wall. 

Perhaps my wonderful vacation took me too far out of work mode and I just got out of the habit of dealing with all the issues.  Nope I just think it was a crummy week.  It wasn’t like there were big things – just a lot of little ones.  One of which was the fact that for three of the five days my computer had to be worked on.  They upgraded my system from XP to Windows 7.  I like the new system but for some reason they couldn’t get my second monitor to work.  Finally on Wednesday, I had two IT guys in my office attempting to get it to work.  Since it worked Thursday and Friday I’m hoping that it is fixed.  I’m not holding my breath though. 

This weekend I spent working on homework and managing life.  I paid bills, worked on gifts for people, homework – did I mention that already? – and a bunch of other things.  I feel like I’m glued to my computer and in my head.  That is probably the problem – I’m too much in my head thinking about things.

Oh and my crappy luck wasn’t any better at home.  I took Vicki to the grocery store and sat in the van reading homework waiting on her.  I had the radio on with the key turned to the battery position.  Thirty minutes into it my radio stops working and I think damn now what’s wrong?  I try to start the van – it gives the lovely clicking that I dreaded hearing.  Now I’m parked in on two sides and have the cart return on the other side.  I’m thinking how the hell is Ken going to jump my van if I’m parked in.  I call him and he is annoyed with me.  I say the van should be able to handle the radio for thirty minutes.  Fortunately right before he gets there the guy in front of me pulls out and Ken pulls in.  He hooks up the battery cables, turns on his engine, and tells me to try it.  The engine popped right off.  I left it running the rest of the time I was waiting.  I hope this isn’t a sign of how the coming week will be.

One More Work Day!

Tomorrow is my last work day for a week.  Every morning I’ve woken up and said the number of days left until I am done for Spring Break and my vacation.  I’m looking forward to my vacation.  I was hoping for some serious writing time but sadly I think I’m going to be doing a lot of homework during my vacation. 

At work tomorrow I have a long laundry list of things to get done.  Hopefully I will clear off my desk of most of them.  I’m not holding my breath though.  I’m supposed to have two student workers and hopefully they both come in.  However, it is the Friday before spring break so I’m not sure who will be in and who won’t be.
Once I’m done tomorrow, my top priority will be to finish off the transcribing for my client.  I’m looking forward to finishing this job and getting paid.  I still haven’t heard anything on the other job I sent out a quote on.  I did a follow up email asking if they had any questions and got a bit of a sharp answer back.  My guess is the person is swamped and just hasn’t had time to work through it with the higher ups.
After I get the business out of the way, I have a long list of homework for both my classes.  I have reading and writing to do for both.  My Book Editing professor put the final assignment out for us to start on.  I’m quite excited about it.  I will get to do a presentation for my book.  I’ve been working on refining the proposal and even the manuscript which I thought was done but obviously it isn’t. 
Since I have both reading and writing to do for these classes it will give me the chance to spend time with my feet up so maybe my knees and ankles will stop hurting.  My list of homework is long and involved.  I’m hoping to get through a good chunk of it.
In addition to those two long lists of things to do while I’m on vacation I have a crafting list, genealogy list, and a writing list.  I need a longer vacation! 

Friday / Vacation

Just because my birthday was this week I took today off.  I was hoping for some down time but I am looking at my to do list and thinking I should have taken Thursday off too. 
Diana, my boss, told me to enjoy my vacation yesterday before she left.  I growled at her.  Now this doesn’t happen often because I like her and try not to annoy her.  After I growled she told me to have a bad day off.  I laughed and said it was just that I had so much to do. 
No surprise – I have a list.  I have three days to write a vision statement, read a couple of chapters for one class and three stories for another class, critique two stories and write letters discussing those critiques, transcribe two interviews, assemble and take pictures of zen gardens (which was on the to do list for last weekend) and that is just the first level of stuff to get done.  I also feel like I’m forgetting something so I probably am.
This morning while the house was quiet I’ve dealt with the hundred emails that had built up over the last two days and sent some business related emails.  Now I’m turning my focus to my to do list.  My biggest problem is deciding which to work on first.  Homework or business? 

I guess since the homework is due on Monday that should probably take priority but I also feel like I’ve not put enough time into the freelance work I have to do.  I guess I need to take a deep breath, pick from the pile and just dig in.  It will all get done because it has to but still deep breath, stop procrastinating and get to work.

Back at Work

I can’t say it was an awful day back at work.  I got back into the swing of things quite quickly.  Napping was certainly something I wanted by about mid day but I got caught up on emails and other things. 
I have to say I am impressed with all the work my student workers got done while I was gone.  They assembled furniture and rearranged furniture.  They did a variety of tasks which cleared up a number of tasks for the department. 
For only being off eleven days, I struggled a bit with the schedule again.  I just hate mornings.  I would rather start at noon.  I know the world doesn’t revolve around my sleep schedule but really 5:30 was too early this morning.  I was so out of it that I forgot to take utensils with me so I could eat my lunch. 
I’m sure it will take me a few days to get back into the swing of things.  I’m hoping that I will get back to it quickly because I have new classes to tackle in two weeks.

Vicki and I spent a nice quiet evening listening to music and reading.  I actually managed to say at the end of this chapter I’m quitting and did it.  This rarely happens for me – I usually read three more chapters.  I’m going to attempt to do the nearly impossible and go to bed earlier than 11:30 tonight…

Four More Days

I have four work days, one final exam, and a lot to get done this week.  Then I’m on vacation.  I cannot wait. 

It has been a busy hectic weekend.  Our friend came over and we celebrated Christmas with the girls in Georgia via video chat.  It was fun if a bit awkward.  I need to figure out how to put the computer on the tv so we can all see.  It was amazing to be able to share our holiday gift giving with each other even though they are nearly a thousand miles away. 

I spent my weekend working on different things.  Mostly it was busy work.  I did, however, get some submissions done.  I also got my stuff organized for my final exam.  I’m still waiting to see if I get feedback on the journal for the one class.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting an A in that class.  I also think I’ll be getting max a B in the other class. 

I have once again been proven wrong about people.  I made a deal with the professor that he would give points back to the class if I proved my point in my formal project.  I worked my ass off and did a great job on it.  I proved my argument and still he isn’t giving any points back.  I am disgusted with him.  I am disappointed in people.  I trusted that he would have integrity and stand by what he said.  Instead, he didn’t.  If I think about it too much – I get exceedingly angry.  The cynic inside of me is saying of course this is just how people are. 

The girls gave me a gift certificate for Amazon.  I bought As Time Goes By – it is my favorite BBC comedy.  It is HILARIOUS.  I don’t care how many times I’ve seen the episodes they always make me laugh.  It was on sale for about half off.  So I snapped it up and am excited that I was able to get it.  There is one movie to go with it and I can’t wait to be able to afford that too.  I’ll keep my eye on it.

It was a good exchange of gifts with everyone.  Our friend was very surprised by the AMAZING quilt Stephanie made her.  It was beautiful and detailed.  It was definitely gorgeous and everyone wanted it.  Virginia also made her matching pillow cases which were incredibly beautiful too.  We tried to steal both from our friend but she wasn’t letting them out of her sight. 

I’m looking forward to my vacation and hope I’ll be able to get a book prepped for publishing on the kindle.  The book is done.  I am very happy with the result.  Initial response from a couple of readers seems to indicate that it should go over well.  I just need to walk through the steps of getting it prepped and published on the kindle.  As usual I have a long list of things to do during my vacation but this is my top priority.  I hope the next four days goes by quickly


We had a great time visiting the girls.  Their new apartment is beautiful and fairly spacious.  It definitely fits the girls and their needs.  Just having the washer/dryer in the apartment is a huge convenience and bonus for them. 

We went to the zoo.  We also hung out at their pool one day.  I’m sure the southerners all thought we were crazy but some of us got in the pool and played.  It was mostly warm enough.  When the breeze picked up it was very chilly. 
Spending time with the girls and just being together was the best part of the weekend.  We played games, watched football (YUCK), picked on each other.  It was a good weekend. 
Now someone needs to invent the transporter so we can get to these locations in less time.  The fourteen plus hour drive was tiring to say the least.  On the way back was the worst because we were already tired from being so busy.  I did all the driving (partly because of my own stubbornness).  At the last gas stop I had a hard time standing because my knees were so sore.  Fortunately, I only took a day or so to recover.
Now we are back and trying to get back into the groove of every-day life.  I feel like I need a vacation to recuperate from my vacation but my desk is already so far behind there is no way I’d ever catch up if I took off again.