It’s FALL!  I love fall!  The cooler temps, the changing weather and the harvest.  While driving over the weekend, I loved seeing the fields and farmers working hard to bring in their crops.  I know from growing up on the farm they are in a state of constant work – long hours, hard work, and worry over whether the crops will sell well.

Fall has always been about canning, freezing, and prepping food for the winter.  At this point in my life, we aren’t doing this as often.  In fact this year, we aren’t doing any canning at all.  I did get apples but we will probably eat them as apples rather than making applesauce or slicing to freeze.

This has made me wonder what I’m harvesting this year.  What have I done, created, and so on that I’m going to harvest.  There’s nothing in my life which has to be grown and harvested at a particular time.  I’ve published many things this year and still have a few to get out.

I’m in the middle of making holiday gifts.  I’ve been working on several for the past couple of weeks.  My sister asked me to work on some blankets for her – she has fleece which she wants a crocheted edging around.  I have one or two other things to finish which should be done tonight or tomorrow night.  I’ll move on to doing the crocheting for her before I work on my next group of projects.

My craft room is in chaos and in need of a good cleaning.  I’m hoping to get it organized again and move forward with all these projects.  If I get my sister’s stuff done, it gets two or three bags of things out of my craft room.  After that, I’ll be working on my own holiday gifts which will empty many things out of my closet.  Then it’s back to the skirt and afghan I’m working on.

I think for this year, this is my harvest.  Getting all these projects done before it’s too late is a good goal.  One I’m hoping will be accomplished.  On top of this harvest, I have several things which still need to be published and finished.  Now things have calmed down a little with my middle daughter, I’m hoping to spend my weekends working on projects and publishing.  However, I’m aware that the best laid plans…. generally don’t get accomplished because of life…

Back to Couponing and Crocheting and Publishing

Saturday afternoon I spent a chunk of time clipping coupons – for myself, my sister, and my daughters.  For the first time in nearly six weeks, I made a grocery list based on my apps and coupons.

Ken went grocery shopping early on Sunday as he usually does.  He overspent by a little but I knew he would because we haven’t really shopped while we’ve been helping our daughter move.  He used a bunch of coupons – saving over $32.  In apps, he saved over $5.

I meant to spend my Saturday working on publishing but by the time we were done with errands, I was wiped out.  I tried napping to get rid of a headache and get some energy back but spent the time talking on the phone with multiple people including some of my daughters.

Sunday I managed to get one book published – Draconian Peace.  Here’s a brief description of it:

Racial tension has destroyed the relationship between the Draconians and the humans, leaving thousands of mixed breeds disenfranchised.  Prejudice and suspicion mar the joining of Dewi Bradon, half and half, and Lord Lachlan Camdon until they learn to look passed their race and trust in each other.  As they begin to trust, changes ripple through society and expose rampant corruption and crime.

It’s available on Amazon and Smashwords for now.  It will get out to all the other options as time permits.  There is a paperback as well on Createspace.

I kept getting interrupted so only one item published.  I did work on a holiday gift and have it about three quarters done.  I’m pleased with the pattern and how it’s working out but it means I’ll have another pattern to publish.  I might submit it for publication first to see if I can get it in a magazine.

More Crochet Projects Published!

Yesterday I worked on the computer for the morning – personal business, editing, and so on.  After spending a lot of time on the computer, I crashed on the couch only to be thrown out of the living room – sort of.  Ken wanted to rearrange.

This morning, Ken did the grocery shopping and saved over $14 in coupons and over $7 in rebates.  It may not seem like a lot but every little bit helps.

Today I worked on publishing crochet patterns.  Once I was back on my computer I realized I had more ready to go than I thought.  I got four of the five done.  The last one is going to take a little more refining before I can publish it.

While I was working on the computer, I updated some of the stuff on my web site as well.  In addition to adding these four patterns, I put in new pictures on the home page and changed the background color.

I posted these on Ravelry.com today and already have likes on the site.  I’m thrilled by that.  Hopefully it will translate into sales.

I was hoping to get more done but my legs are bugging me so shortly I’ll be hitting the recliner again.  The good thing is I got two sessions on the computer today and lots accomplished.

Tomorrow I’m off work and plan to be a bit mellow about the day.  I have a couple tasks I’d like to do but in addition I may take time out to read.  It depends on what I get accomplished.

I finished Stargate and Stargate Atlantis.  Now I have to look for a new show to watch.  Or I may just go back to writing every night.  I’ll have to see how the mood takes me.  I do need to finish three projects fairly soon.  I might need a show to watch while I finish those off.

Having said that, I need to get back to marketing – like posting on twitter blurb for  my books.  I’ve been thinking about setting up a nightly schedule but I’m so not good at adhering to a schedule.

I can’t decide if it would be better to say this night of the week, I’m doing marketing and this night I’m doing editing and so on.  Or if it would be better to do a little of each every night.  Marketing from 6:30 to 7:30, submissions from 7:30 to 8:00 and writing the rest of the night.  I’m not sure either technique will work for me but I need to figure out how to get more of this stuff done.

In the meanwhile, I keep plugging away.  These four patterns are proof of it.  They are available on Smashwords and Amazon.  You can find links on my web site http://eileentroemel.weebly.com/ 

End of the Week

Spring break is next week.  The past two weeks at my day job have been rough with the hectic pace of summer registration and advising going on.  This week in particular has felt like it was two weeks rolled into one.  I work most of next week and it should be nice and quiet at work.

Our weekends have been jam packed with stuff too.  We’ve either been doing things or we’ve been running errands.  This means I don’t feel rested when I get back to work.  I’m hoping this weekend will be different.

I have a list – as always – of things I want to get done.  I’ve already crossed off the paying bills, submitting to publications, and a couple of other small things.  Next will be making a grocery list, doing coupons, and prepping for the grocery store.  I think I’ll ask Ken if he wants to do the shopping on his own.

If he does, I will take tomorrow to work on publishing three crochet projects and editing Wayfarer 10.  If I can get all that done and still have energy to work at the computer, I will try to do some more submissions.  There are a couple of projects I want to work on as well so I’ll see what Ken wants to do and how I can help.

I took Monday off work and I’ll be hanging out at home alone.  I’m looking forward to not setting an alarm for the next three days.  I’ll have to I suppose so I don’t sleep too late but in theory no alarms.  I’m glad it’s Friday and I have three days to do what I want to do with no commitments to anyone other than Ken.

Checked off the list

Yesterday, I worked on taxes for my daughter and for us.  I had a business meeting.  My late afternoon appointment didn’t show up.  In the meanwhile I got three of my crochet patterns posted on Ravelry, started a new pattern, which I’m pleased with the result, and spent time with Ken.  I posted a contest on my Facebook page for my readers and friends to enter a drawing to win one of my books.  If you want to know more go to my site:  http://eileentroemel.weebly.com/ 

This morning I woke up at 5 am with a migraine.  I went back to sleep in the hopes of it going away but it didn’t.  So now on top of the migraine, I feel like I’m behind schedule.  I have crochet patterns to deal with.  I have to do a bit of research to figure out whether I should post the Half Dozen Headbands and Warm Winter Set as a set on Ravelry or if I should do each pattern individually.  It means research.

In addition to what I’ve gotten done, I need to go through the stacks of coupons I have so I’m prepped and ready for the shopping trip next weekend.  I’ve already gone through the apps to look for deals.

I was hoping to get more done today but my head is killing me so I will take it easy today I think.  It is Ken’s birthday today.  He gets to pick what we do.  We’ve finally caught up on Scorpion but we are behind now on a number of other shows.  It’s up to him.

I’ve checked off some of the things on my weekend to do list.  I think the rest of the weekend will have to be about Ken and getting rid of a migraine.

Cram It All In

The weekend is here and it is supposed to be about rest and relaxation, right?  Not this weekend.  I’m up early and helped one daughter with her taxes.  Next I have a business call in a little over an hour.  In between, I’m hoping to upload some of my patterns I just published to Ravelry and get a few other things done.

I’ve got this business meeting call and then I have a bunch of other things I want to get done.  I want to finish off typing up the patterns (four of them) which I want to publish.  I have to put all of them on Ravelry.  I should get the edits for Wayfarer 10 entered on the computer and work on the cover.  Some of my test readers liked and some didn’t.  I should work on prepping stuff for doing my own taxes.

I have so much bouncing around in my head right now it is crazy.  I need to take a breath, make a list, and prioritize.  Because in addition to all these things, I also need down time.  This last week was stressful for work and next week will be as well.  I just need to take a breath and do what I’m able.  The rest will get done in time.

I’m back to several crochet projects I want to try in my head on top of all the other things going on.  I need to figure out what I can get done and just let the rest go.  In my head right now, I’m laughing at myself because this is definitely not something I’m good at.  In my head, I’m hearing – publish 4 more crochet patterns, work on poncho and fleece / crochet mitten pattern, marketing, organize tax stuff, edits and cover for 10, write 11, write Defenders 3 – get moving and get stuff done!!

The other part of me is saying one at a time.  I can only do one of these at a time and I need to make sure I get enough rest and calm so I am ready for work next week.  I need to have that balance or I throw my health into a bad place.  So I’ll cram in what I can but try to remember to breathe and keep moving forward one thing at a time – hopefully.

Motivation Needed

I meant to get up early today and get to work on publishing.  That didn’t happen.  Instead I slept late and only got up when one of my daughters called.  I chatted with her, worked on sales, coupons, rebates, and so on.

Ken is off now to go do stuff with his family.  I’m going to work on publishing – I swear.  It is pay weekend so I need to do coupons today so he can take them with him tomorrow when he does the grocery shopping.  We are going to have Panera for breakfast.  I had a rebate of $1 if I spent $7 and got a drink.  We are getting three pastries and a coffee (for Ken not me).  The bill came to roughly $12.  Ordering online, I had a $2 coupon from Panera and then through Find & Save, I have a $1 rebate.  This takes my 12 down to 9 which is nice.

I’ve been reading my Wayfarer series for multiple reasons.  The first is to get excerpts so I can post them on social media and the second is to get back in the story and characters as I edit 10 and finish writing 11.  I started Wayfarer Freedom last night which is book 8.  This means I’m almost caught up to do the editing on 10.  I’m hoping to finish it and publish it next month.

The first week back for classes was a bit rough.  It was insanely busy but I got through it.  Hopefully it gets a bit better this next week.

I’m trying to decide if I want to take my birthday off.  It’s a Monday which is sort of a bad day to take off.  I need to decide soon.  I may just save the day so I can have a writing weekend later.  

While it’s quiet I should get something accomplished.  I shouldn’t just be a bum and do nothing or play computer games – right?  I need to focus and get to work.  The motivation is a bit lacking today.  This is not a good sign.

Morning Blahs

This morning I’m on my own in the house.  It’s an odd thing to happen on a Saturday but Ken is off doing other stuff.  Whatever will I do on my own?

I’ve sorted had breakfast, sorted laundry, and checked out my sales.  I’ve been on Facebook, Linkedin, and Goodreads.  It’s surprising how much time this takes up when I get on the computer.  I still have to look at my website and my pagan blog.  From there, I’ll work on a cover or two for a fellow author.  After that’s done, I’ll decide whether I’ll continue at the computer and work on publishing stuff or go back to the recliner to work on crochet stuff.

I’ve got four projects I’d like to get done this weekend – more if I can.  I’m giving myself through the end of the year before I go back to writing on a more regular basis.  I’ve needed some down time, some time to step away from telling stories and working on publishing.  However, now I have a number of crochet patterns to publish, a book to edit and two novels to finish writing.

I finished watching Veronica Mars last night – all the way through the movie.  I enjoyed it and want more.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if they are ever going to do more.  I know the fans paid for the movie to be made.

I’ve got several suggestions from the girls on other options for watching.  I was watching the old Dick Van Dyke show while I crochet.  However, I have several crochet classes which I want to watch on Craftsy so I may put those on to see if anything sparks an interest for me.  I’ll have to see where my mind goes while I crochet.  I could also listen to audio books.  So many choices – whatever will I do?  I’m sure I’ll figure it out.  Maybe I’ll watch the Harry Potter movies.  I can throw those on and not have to watch them while I crochet.  That’s definitely a viable option.

The more I can get done crochet wise, the better.  It will help clean up the living room as it has become craft central with fleece and yarn in piles around the room.  I’m hoping to finish off a number of them so it’s less cluttered.

The pictures are of some of the projects I’ve been working on but haven’t been able to show because they were gifts.  I hope you enjoy them.  

Long List of Crafting and Writing

It’s a list weekend.  I have a long list of writing tasks I want to get done and a long list of crocheting / crafting things I want to get done.  I may manage to stay in my jammies all weekend just to get stuff done.

Last night I watched Blacklisted and worked on an afghan for my niece.  I’ve got about 40 rows done.  I LOVE the colors she picked and the pattern.  I can’t wait to see the final product.  In my crochet basket, I have about four projects started.  I am going to try to finish two of them this weekend and work on the other two.  Two of them are larger projects so will take longer than a weekend to complete.

I have written about four patterns which fall into the “Baskets” category.  I want to get them compiled into a document so I can publish them but before I publish, I want to print them out, follow the directions, and see if there are any adjustments I want to make.  I’m hoping to work on that this weekend.

I’ve got a short story finalized and am hoping to publish it this weekend.  Next is to do the searches on Wayfarer 10 and print for editing.

I’ve been wrapped up in marketing.  I’m trying to tweet and post on facebook regularly so I can get my work out to others.  I’m also looking at my marketing spreadsheet to see what I need to do for the things I’ve already published and not done the marketing.

I have a number of gifts to work on for crafting.  They are on my weekend lists as well.  I guess I better quit writing and get busy.

Wayfarer Freedom, Grandma’s Doilies, and The Broom Closet

Three new books are available.  Wayfarer Freedom is the eighth installment in the Adara and Decker story.  The Pritchard was destroyed and now Adara is trying to cope with her grief and loss.  She wonders if she’s a jinx as the captains all thought after the Aegis.  While working through this grief, Decker and Adara suffer a more devastating loss.  Struggling with loss and grief, they return to Command.  Decker wants a bigger ship with more people. Adara’s afraid she won’t be able to protect their people. Pulled into negotiations, training, and prepping for a new ship, Adara couldn’t possibly have time for more but there is always more.

The Broom Closet is a collection of short stories.  A Stroll, a woman takes a stroll through a park to bring herself back to a place of balance.  The Broom Closet addresses the issue of religious freedom in the workplace.  Choices, a stressful life has led to medical issues which leads her to meditation.  Dolphin Quest, an old woman visits a dolphin.  She takes a journey with him to the depths of the ocean.

Grandma’s Doilies is a collection of short stories.  The Fight a boy waits to see if his mother will be abused. History Repeating, a great aunt tells of being raped. Guess, a mother teaches her daughter fiscal responsibility. Grandma’s Doilies, a granddaughter recalls a beloved grandmother. Dream Rich a poor mother struggles to feed her baby. Poignant stories address difficult topics.

Wayfarer Freedom is 2.99.  The Broom Closet and Grandma’s Doilies are both 99 cents.  These are available on Amazon and Smashwords.  I’ve got links on my site:  http://eileentroemel.weebly.com/

If you’ve read my books, please post a review somewhere like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads.  To all my supporters – Thank you!  I keep writing because of the encouragement I get from the readers!